Escobar Fold is a pyramid, or How to Fold buy a Galaxy for $ 400

Have you noticed that the smartphone market was not anything fundamentally new? The new iPhone is not so encouraging even fans of the brand, and each new version of Android is forgotten even faster than the previous. Even foldable smartphone that created a sensation because of his unwillingness to release, quickly stopped anyone interested. Because no matter how fancy they look or not, the high price coupled with low reliability is clearly not playing into their hands and do not increase their attractiveness in the eyes of users. But Roberto Escobar, the brother of the drug Lord Pablo Exubera, decided he could fix it.

Brother Pablo Escobar began releasing foldable smartphones and sell them in 3-5 times cheaper of the market. What is this if not fraud?

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At the end of last year, Escobar declared war on the manufacturers of smartphones and introduced its first folding smartphone that in memory of brother dubbed the Pablo Escobar Fold 1. Pretty quickly, however, it became clear that this is not a new smartphone, and Royole FlexPai presented in October 2018. The company Escobar took the original machine, repainted it and put on the case the logo of the brand. All anything, but Escobar Inc. appointed for him the price of $ 349 vs 1320 dollars, for which the company Royole offered to buy its product. Then, however, nobody paid attention to it, because the smartphone itself, despite its affordable price, was frankly unattractive.

What is Escobar Fold

However, everything changed when Escobar Inc. presented its second smartphone, played Galaxy Fold. The launch explained that the second generation of folding machine is more perfect, and therefore everyone who ordered the first generation model will be a free upgrade, despite the fact that the novelty has become more expensive – it was estimated at $ 399. However, it is still less than 1980 dollars for the original Galaxy Fold. So many people wondering how anyone can sell a product five times cheaper than its real value?

Apparently, Escobar Inc. takes the original smartphones, perekleivat brands and sells them cheaper on the model of the pyramid

The legend that Escobar Inc. simply buying up illiquid goods retailers, which the company boasted at the start, quickly came to naught. Well, I didn’t believe it consumer, and that’s it. So at about the same time appeared a new legend, namely, that the company buys the components used for the production of the Galaxy Fold, and then she assembles them in the factories. According to the management of Escobar Inc., it is very cheap. And because the company does not aim to extract excessive profits, and sells such devices are cheaper than competitors.

Why Escobar Fold so cheap

For my taste, the first, the second legend sounds pretty doubtful. Even assuming that the brother of Pablo Escobar decided to do charity work, it is impossible to believe that Samsung made a sale, in fact, the unique components on the side. After all, the foldable display, which is the basis of the Galaxy Fold, develops and produces herself, and therefore dishonest suppliers from China, with whom it would be possible to negotiate either. Then I, without further ADO, just go to the website Escobar Inc., added Pablo Escobar Fold 2 to the cart and tried to checkout. It is a pity, did not.

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As it turned out, the online shop Escobar Inc. completely missing the payment system through which you can make the payment. There is not only possible to pay via PayPal, which if anything would have returned the payment, but even the buttons MasterPass or Visa Checkout. That is to use a payment card, not to mention more secure methods of payment impossible, and the only way to pay for the purchase and transfer money to a Bank account when ordering. So-so prospect, to be honest. Because in this case you are transferring money as a natural person to a natural person that, in fact, deprives you of the right to request from the Bank the ability to cancel the transaction.

Despite the fact that for me still at the previous stage, it became clear that this is a banal fraud, arched unimaginably stupid legend, I began to dig further. For a long time to dig, however, was not necessary. I opened the section of the website dedicated to the description of the company, and found that such a legal entity as Escobar Inc. does not exist, and all actions are performed on behalf of the company Affideer AB, registered in Sweden. It would seem that such? Because Apple is registered in Ireland. But the fact that the state of the Swedish company consists of only two people, and its annual turnover is about 250 Euro, which as it suggests.

Escobar Fold 2 — cheating?

However, on YouTube and on Reddit still found a few people who allegedly received their smartphones from Escobar Inc. Among them were even quite famous bloggers-one million, which, logically, there is no reason to deceive their audience, risking their own reputation. But, on the other hand, it could be just a publicity story, in which browser were asked to tell about the device for the money. Because I didn’t want the blogger to do a check of legal entities and activities of a company that offers cooperation, isn’t it? But even if someone of the buyers really got my Fold Escobar 2, doubt that it really is banal pyramid, I have no choice.

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Indeed, Escobar Inc. – it is nothing like a pyramid, when the latter, in fact, pay for the purchase first. In such situations, it is not excluded that someone from the applicants actually received the device. It’s just nothing more than a lure for everyone else. After all, if someone got a smartphone a quarter of the price, surely you can pull this same trick will want many more. But, unfortunately, no one knows at what point the wheel of fortune will stop, and those who paid for the device, will not remove from the pyramid profit, will compensate the loss incurred by Escobar Inc., if ever had suffered them.

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