“ESET” launches new solutions to security companies

The company announced the “ESET” ESET – the leading company in the research of cyber security and the largest company specializing in Endpoint Security, announced the launch of a range of new solutions to security companies designed to provide the corporate sector with the tools to prevent and manage the risk of cyber threats on a global scale.

Provide “ESET” advanced level of security solutions by “Defense threat dynamic see” ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, which is a solution to put protection on the cloud the Cloud provides an analysis of immediate threats to “attack without waiting for the” zero-day threats “Anser” virus (ransomware electronic) before they reach the network.

As reported by the company’s recent research (The Forrester Wave), that buyers are looking for “group solutions Endpoint Security that combines the advanced capabilities and a little complexity as possible”. And solutions address the cyber security of the new “ESET” this demand with providing other features additional.

And include a range of new solutions to the security of the large companies of the “ESET”, the solution to the all-new “center of ESET manage cyber security”, an update control unit via the Internet the ESET Remote Administrator. The console provides online security solutions cyber not only through the vision of the company’s full management full security as part one, but also provide the preparation of reports, fully customizable and address the threat with a single click, adding the element of minimal complications to the whole group.

He explained, “Yuri the treatment of the owners of” the Executive Director of the company “ESET”, said:” “We are aware that large corporate world are looking increasingly for solutions to cyber security that are commensurate with their own needs, because we cooperate with a large number of them at the international level. You can look on our latest offerings will see how easy it management, security solutions companies great article from “ESET””.

Offer solutions “to protect endpoints from ESET” big companies see more clearly for alerts that are sent to ESET LiveGrid – a platform consists of a 110 billion sensors all over the world and verified through research centers and development company “ESET”. It is clear that the customers get the highest level of confidence when viewing the data and reports within the units control their own.

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