Especially the world of technology: the importance of the infrastructure of the super-correlation for small and medium

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Require a lot of small and medium enterprises to establish a platform for the work of the virtual “Virtual Machine – Virtualization”, and may not find what they wanted in the tools currently available to drive due to it being an option is perfect. The same devices and platforms that provides their suppliers, turning the issue of the management of these two components into a nightmare for those in charge of the information technology to SMEs, especially when the exposure problem, since it is difficult to determine the source of the problem in the presence of multiple platforms.

The optimal solution to facilitate the management and control of operations lies in the use of the prevention of Super-threading “Hyper Converged Infrastructure”, which is about infrastructure to provide integration between the processes of computing and storage in a unified platform. The company’s product design environment information technology by every fan through the addition of their own elements within the one, just like the process of building books.

In addition to the features provided by the superior bonding of the WHERE Plains and single management of all the resources of hardware and software, it contains a number of other advantages, most notably that it facilitates the issue of expansion in the addition of other elements, as well as it enjoys a high degree of availability, since it does not lead the tension in one of the stages to the failure of the entire system, and finally leads to use it to reduce the cost required for electricity and space thanks to what provided by the organization from the possibility of merging compute and storage into a unified system.

But the question that imposes itself here is: is the default value suitable for small and medium enterprises? And the answer is, it is not so much convenience. The first problem we face in this regard is in the computing resources large as a result of the nature of storage in the house ultra-bonding, the Product Model depends on a system of file distribution, although they help in improving the ability to expand unless they require more computing resources and possibly lead to weaker performance several times compared with local files, so when it is published to a limited number of physical components. This is exactly the case for SMEs, which may not achieve the product Super bonding the same result they lead to the traditional platforms in terms of performance.

The second problem is related to the importance of this area for SMEs are that the total cost of owning it outweigh the possibilities of these companies are in the process of growth, as the required devices and components are costly, including at least three units to achieve the computing performance. In addition, in the limited number of suppliers for the software surveillance the default and thus the high cost of licenses purchased, is to allocate the companies a large share of the costs of the technology information for this product.

Although the infrastructure of the super soil conditions are limited to large companies without the other due to the high cost, there are a number of promising solutions that facilitate the benefit of SMEs of this region that has always been elusive for him. Has undertaken to the company, “Synology – Synology” recently played a prominent role in this field, including expertise in the field of storage units attached to the network, where the company introduced the program “Device Manager default” Virtual Machine Manager which provides the infrastructure like by the super bonding combines the power of performance and cost affordable, since it is designed specifically for SMEs. The program allows users to run multiple virtual machines running “Windows” and”Linux” through a platform comprised of seven modules grouped from the Synology, and enhance the flexibility and endurance in the service, through the operation interface graphical, and web-based.

In order to provide this category of companies with more like being a super-bonding and have the ability to achieve superior performance, even under the availability of a limited number of physical components, it is chosen the program “Device Manager default” based on the management system to the local file instead of the distribution system with the aim of reducing the amount of data is large, which requires to be compatible with different modes and thus with the computing required.

Although the file-management system to local traditional may face the risk of failure of one of the action points for, except that the company Synology provides, through this new program the ability to shoot footage sneak peek of after each virtual unit, and then clone this footage in any other products of the company including guarantees access to the recovery point objective in five minutes. Moreover, it is because the Device Manager the default can start from one of the physical components of the network, will enable these SMEs to expand their resources of gear for the growth of its business, and reduce the need for a great cost when you purchase this product for the first time. In the presence of the management interface standard will enable users to via the Internet browsing the various birds on the extensions home virtual with ease and smoothly.

For small and medium companies in the growth stage, which requires that the nurses provided by the infrastructure of the ultra-bonding, we have to take into account these points, namely: is it the need for system distribution files? Although this system usually provide a minimum access to the recovery point objective, often apply the same on the default data that is stored in the memory system relating to a lawyer the particular. When they fail any axis, the data will be vulnerable to. Moreover, the other water system distribution files is space for one to write the names down, but do you need a company you already have this space? If you are available to virtual machines multiple you need all of them to less storage space, if you don’t need to that space, just like home Super bonding traditional so that they can manage virtual machines centrally.

If you are taking the points above into account, primarily, the products of Synology provide more of those benefits.

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