Essential ceased production of mobile PH-1. The company is focused on developing new products

The company Essential Products was founded by Andy Rubin November 9, 2015. The first and only product was Essential Phone. The device was presented in August 2017 and suggested flamanskogo iron, excellent appearance and materials. PH-1 is the first smartphone on the market with a cut in the display.

After the release of the PH-1 Apple introduced iPhone X with a much wider neckline. Other manufacturers decided to go towards Essential, and looking in the direction of Apple. After the iPhone market was flooded with devices with a wide cutout in the screen.

And only by the end of 2018, the producers realized that the Essential solution looks more correct. Moreover, with the advent of higher-quality scanners under the display use the scanner face has lost any meaning. You can verify this, having studied the current situation on the market through our newsfeed Yandex Dzen.

Essential Phone from a financial point of view turned out to be disastrous. For the first 6 months, the company sold a total of 90 thousand units. For comparison, Apple for the first quarter of 2018 sold 16 million iPhones X.

Can I buy Essential Phone?

Not so long ago the cost of Essential Phone fell heavily ($500), and the company has offered various discounts. The smartphone can be bought for $ 250 during the campaign Amazon Prime Day. In connection with the decline of interest in PH-1 the company decided to suspend production of the device.

We sold Essential Phone and we will not add new inventory. We are currently hard at work on a new mobile product and continue to sell accessories and provide rapid updates and support for our existing community.

Of course, such a move is the correct one. You need to forget Essential Phone and throw all forces on development of new products that can save the company from possible bankruptcy.

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