Essential finish asking the telephone PH-1 in the market to focus on the new generation of phones

Essential تنهي طرح هاتف PH-1 في السوق للتركيز على الجيل الجديد من هواتفها

Announced the Essential which is considered the developer for the PH-1 is known to protect his high-appearance of OS updates it very quickly stopped asking more women to her phone on the market, after the entry into force of the quantity on the market to focus on the development of a new phone.

The Essential was founded by the developer of the Android operating system, Andrew Rubin, with the launch of the phone appeared differently to the presence of the bump at the top of the screen in 2017, to begin with different companies after launching its phones the presence of a protrusion at the top. But in spite of that, why has the company suffered from financial problems caused the postponement of the launch of the new generation of phones.

However, according to permit the company to 9To5Google will stop the release of more phones PH-1 after the entry into force of the quantity of the market, but it will continue to release updates and accessories for the phone, so as to allow him to focus on the development of the new generation after nearly two years on the launch of the first.

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