Essential Phone no longer exists

Many at the time praised the smartphone created by the father of Android Andy Rubin. The public is not just praised him for what he in fact was the first edge-to-edge smartphone in the understanding of the time, but for the fact that it had to be something out of the ordinary, if it for the creation took this man almost for the sake of it are gone with the previous post. The reality was a little different. First, the smartphone didn’t sell well, then sales slipped even more, all this was accompanied by scandals and in the end, all came to what we have now. And we have an end to this. Why it happened and whether it was possible to change something?

This smartphone will be the last for the company.

In literal translation the name of the company is Essential, which migrated on the name of the smartphone, means ”Substantial.” It argued that as the ship call, so it will float. Apparently, Andy Rubin thought so too, but actually get the next ”Trouble” instead of ”Victory”.

In our time it is not logical to enter the market with only one smartphone model and try to win it, no matter how cool a Manager you were not and what do you had in the past. All of this pales in comparison with what put money into this process companies like Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei and others. Even Samsung, which was able to bring to market the OnePlus and make him the idol of many millions of users, could afford to take the time to buildup, to then gradually rise to the top level. These market players can afford to operate even at a loss, if you do it in the future.

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Moreover, many Chinese companies have a certain handicap in a couple of billion fellow citizens, who despite the love for iPhone is ready to support its. As a result, the market becomes more smooth and confident.

Many liked him.

When I came out Essential Phone

The first model of smartphone called Essential Essential Phone PH-1 and its debut in 2017. In the planned success was the high quality hardware and pure software shells without excessive and unnecessary frills.

At first, it all looked very nice and many would like to have this smartphone, but after the first reviews it all fell into place, and users have begun to be disappointed in the product. Now the company has come to its logical conclusion and released the latest update for their devices.

The latest update released the third of February. Smartphones, of course, will work, but will not receive the update to Android 11, but even security updates.

Instead push the updates for a few months, software updates are Essential Phone over. Security update of 3 February, released earlier this month, will be the last update that will ever get PH-1, eliminating the possibility of official updates for Android 11 or additional security fixes. Available are unofficial builds that can appear with a significant delay.

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To support users, the manufacturer has promised to put on its website all the necessary materials that will more or less full to continue to use their smartphones.

In General, we can say that the creators of Essential is still great, as supported smartphone for almost three years. For Android smartphones is a very long time. Previously, this was found only in Apple. This approach need to take note and other smartphone manufacturers.

It is also the brainchild Essential, but it never came.

In the company’s history can remember interesting smartphone GEM. However, he never came out. However, about it has been leaked, showing its unusual form.

He had to be elongated and compact. That is, it would not be Xperia 1, but it could be a good alternative to modern devices and introduce a bit of variety in the dull feast of similar smartphones. Sorry it didn’t work out.

Surely Andy Rubin will come up with some new project, but the current situation once again gave to understand that one person only by his name not be able to get a large project to create a smartphone. Not those times. Romance is not working.

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