Eternal bullrun: how much profit brings Bitcoin every day?

Despite the bear market in 2018, Bitcoin still profitable long-term investors. It turns out that long-distance main cryptocurrency can enrich you on 0,347% on the day. To such conclusion experts of the company Clavestone. They even developed a service for monitoring the changing prices of Bitcoin.

How to get rich with Bitcoin

Tool of analysts built on the basis of conventional moving average of prices. At the moment it is growing at 0,347% every day. Summary — Bitcoin reliable tool to multiply their capital.

Earlier, Bitcoinist published an interview with an expert Bitwise Asset Management Matt Hogan. According to him, due to their properties in the form of limited issue, rarity, and reliability of Bitcoin will rise up to $ 40,000 in the next decade. In future, cryptocurrency will be the primary means of wealth preservation.

In the scale of 2018 moving average declined 0.24 percent every day. It is noteworthy that an identical situation was in 2014, then this figure also was -0,24%. During the ten years of its existence, Bitcoin was falling so hard for only two years.

However, the last couple of months, the volatility of digital assets has fallen to almost zero. Yesterday, the stagnation period has finally ended. However, the increase in volatility and trading volumes fell to the side of the bulls. Financial expert Bob Mason did not see the fall of Bitcoin is nothing wrong with that.

Image source — Bitcoinist

After spike and downs Bitcoin has become an excellent choice for long-term investors who do not speculate every day, and rely on technology and great prospects in the future.

Even without bullrun purchased bitcoins for hundreds of dollars in 2011 now would be valued at $ 2.1 million. Who knows, maybe in the next decade this amount will increase tenfold.


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