ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS: an analysis of the charts of the most popular cryptocurrency on may 28

New historical high of Bitcoin has affected the entire stock market — the total capitalization of the latter recently reached 278 billion. The index of dominance of the main cryptocurrency is still growing, which suggests low investor interest in altonah. Let us consider in more detail the situation on the charts of the five most popular coins.

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Two days ago the Ethereum used moving average 20 EMA on the 1 day chart as a dynamic support line. The asset bounced above and then went to the area of $ 290.


Now the air is facing an important resistance around $ 300, but the technical indicators (RSI, MACD) indicate a strong overbought asset. In the near future will be rolled back to the level of $ 225, so pay close attention to their long positions.


A similar pattern has formed on the chart the Ripple, which also bounced off the 20 EMA. At the moment, bitcoin is trading at 0,4267 dollar to 45 cents she has almost no barriers to growth.


If this resistance is breached, we will talk about a new wave of growth up to 60 cents. The asset is not yet in overbought, so you can access long. Just do not forget about stop losses.


Bitcoin Cash seamlessly fits to the upper boundary of the rising channel in which cryptocurrency is the beginning of April. While the main point of reference is the line 452 dollars. Its breakthrough will mean an immediate increase up to $ 630.


The advantage of the bulls, the RSI has not yet seen a bearish divergence. If you believe in the potential of the BCH can also access long. However, do not forget to put stop loss just below the 20 EMA.


Litecoin failed to break through important resistance on may 24 and set a new annual high. However, on the chart of bitcoin has formed a very dangerous pattern — bearish divergence with RSI.


In the near future we can expect a rollback, but don’t try to short — the coin is in the uptrend. Better to use a local drop as a more favorable point to enter into a long trading position.


EOS has been actively growing since February, when on the chart of bitcoin has formed an ascending channel. Only in the past 24 hours coin rose by 10.87 percent.


Note that here, too, there is a risk of a new pullback for bearish divergence on the RSI scale 1-day chart. Keep an eye on the moving average 20 EMA, falling below it will signal the beginning of a major wave of dump.


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