Ethereum community continues to vote for ProgPoW. What will the developers?

Integration ProgPoW in the Ethereum voted nearly 3 million from supporters of the ETH algorithm. Recall, a new principle of extraction of Ethereum should once and for all put an end to the advantages of ASIC mining in the network of cryptocurrency. According to some cryptoendoliths, the problems for this type of equipment will enhance the decentralization of the project.

At the moment 2 926 304 ETH is supplied to the integration algorithm. Coins came through 168 transactions. While only 191 774 ETH or approximately $ 30 million at the current rate of voting against ProgPoW. Over the past week, the gap between the views increased even more — now only 6.15% of the participants in question are against the algorithm.

It is time to introduce ProgPoW?

It is obvious that the voting for the most part, composed of miners, as it is profitable for them to defend the integration ProgPoW. If ASIC mining really was banned, have their farms with graphics cards will not appear new “competitors”.

Unfortunately, to establish the exact extent of ASIC mining in Ethereum network is almost impossible. Some experts suggest that its share could reach from 10 to 60 percent of the total Hasrat cryptocurrencies. However, according to preliminary results of a survey of owners of Asimov not so much. Otherwise we would see a lot more ETH set against integration ProgPoW.

The survey results are “unofficial” – that is, in an Ethereum Foundation is not obliged to execute the will of a majority of the votes. Earlier, the community project voted for cuts in rewards per block to 1 ETH, but instead the developers decided to stay 2 ETH EIP 1234.

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Now it would take too long to speculate about the potential future of Ethereum, but most seem to have already decided on their opinion. While nobody can suggest the best solution, ProgPoW will be the first “candidate” for the new upgrade currency.

Source: Bitcoinist

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