Ethereum Emerald. As scammers with Russian roots spread investors

The weekend was joyful for all the owners of the cryptocurrency. Particularly active was sad investors who believe in the Ethereum hardwork Emerald. The authors of the Scam have removed the social media venues and disappeared. Tell how it was and how much was stolen by the fraudsters.

What is Ethereum Emerald

Emerald — the promised hardwork Ethereum Classic. To hold his promised in block 6 100 000, which accounted for 13 July. The project has attracted the attention of a large number of investors — the developers have promised immediate payment and no commissions.

Other signs of “real” projects were also present. For example, it looked like a road map to the end of 2018.

First, there was the launch of the network with zero commissions and instant payments, then promised to release wallets for mobile platforms and desktop. In the fourth quarter was going to create SDK for decentralized applications that run a hybrid consensus and to work on scalability.

At this stage we do not project, and the dream of every Hodler.

How to buy and get Ethereum Emerald

Coins online called ETE, and the total amount in the future was limited to 408 million tokens. The algorithm of mining had become Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto — by analogy with Ethereum Classic.

At the time of the launch of the network owners ETC promised coins ETE in the ratio of 1 to 1. But this does not work, so the authors of the project also organized a presale of new products. 400 ETE gave for 1 ETC, whereas for 0.1 ETH offered 1550 ETE.

At today’s exchange rate we get 4 cents for one coin ETE in exchange for Ethereum classic or about 3 cents per Buterin Vitalik from Ethereum. Obviously, kamery prefer ETH.

What went wrong

In addition to the suspicious of promises to conduct transactions without commissions, there were more serious signs of a Scam. For the beginning of the project disown participants in the community Ethereum Classic. At the official Twitter they said there are no plans for a hard forks on July 13.

Suspicions shared and wishing to gain ETE. The project developers have not responded to the questions and for excessive interest of the prospects of the mining pools and not get banned.

Crooks opened the card on Friday. The promised launch of the network took place, which confirmed the correctness of the statement of community ETC.

While some investors continued to hope for the best, the next day put everything in its place. The accounts of the project in social networks forever has gone offline. If you try to go to Twitter Ether_emerald we were met by a banner.

To look for the truth on the official website also makes no sense. It simply does not work.

How much was stolen

Judging by the findings from the wallets of the scammers, they picked up a 47 ETH and 2150 ETC. It — the coins of users who wanted to buy ETE. Converted at today’s exchange rate received 21 291 35 991 the dollar that is a little more than 57 thousand. Lamba is hardly enough, but expensive gifts — completely.

Those affected

In addition, investors and cryptocurrency niche in General, the victim also became the official wallet of the same name for Ethereum Classic. Emerald is sure to be synonymous with Scam, which will scare away inexperienced users.

We emphasize once again: nothing in common between the wallet Emerald and fraudulent Ethereum project Emerald is not.

Russian trace

After removal of the site had a funny caption in the search results.

Now go to the website and look at the contacts.

Moscow and St. Petersburg. Of course, this is not absolute proof. However, the probability of participation in the scheme of our compatriots great.


The sphere of coins and ICO remains a lure for scams. Investors are still not insured and probably will continue to lose money because of the desire to get rich. It remains to be vigilant and actively conduct their own research. To discuss their results in our Telegram chat.

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