Ethereum is in the midst of the global bearish trend. It’s time to purchase the coin?

The cryptanalyst Chris Burniske believes that the Ethereum for the first time in the entire history of its existence is in the global bearish trend that is in decline. Serious subsidence Aldona Burniske compares with the situation of Bitcoin in 2014-2015. Does this mean that now is the best time to stock up on Air?

This morning, the cryptocurrency is trading at 186 dollars. For the past day, its value fell by one percent.

The Ethereum — the best investment of the year

Burniske said that in 2015, only a few knew about the full potential of Bitcoin. In that time the cryptocurrency has been in a long drop, so most market players poured their stocks of BTC to recoup at least some of their financial losses.

Below is the chart of Bitcoin over a short time period of the beginning of 2015. As you can see, the coin was trading even below $ 300. All who then was not afraid to buy it after a significant decline, to date, we have received a huge profit. By the way, the fifth of December 2013 BTC has set a local record at the level of 1142 dollars, that is sagging really was huge.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The same scenario, according to experts, is repeated with Ethereum. Yeah, the second by market capitalization crypto-currencies is very promising, but wait their impact on the course have long.

Here’s the tweet in which the expert expressed his position.

The advantages of Live also recognizes the CEO of the largest crypto currency exchange Binance Chanpen Zhao. In his recent tweet Zhao praised Vitalik Buterin for the hard work on your project and progress in its development. The head of the exchange did not agree with the problem of scalability of the block chain, which including recently spoke to the Creator of Ethereum.

Will the Ethereum grow by itself?

That’s what it thinks the founder 2Bitcoins Mikhail Korolev.

It is not necessary to separate between Bitcoin and Ethereum, now any coin depends entirely on the price movement of BTC. As the expert may determine that Ethereum will fall and Bitcoin to grow? Ether is one of the few projects where there is a constant development of new products, the real application of smart contracts and decentralized apps. Why air needs to be in a bearish trend — it is not clear, apparently, said that the expert got up today with my left foot. At the moment there is one simple indicator: the whole crypt or growing for Bitcoin or falls with it.

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