Etisalat conducts the first place the 5G of the highest tower in the world

Update of successes and connections cascading at the level of the network deployment of the fifth generation and then enable them to make calls live video across the network of the fifth generation (5G) from different locations of the UAE, the UAE telecom announced today on the cover of the Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower in the world – network (5G), available for use through different types of smart phones are technically compatible with this advanced network.

The importance of this achievement, confirms the readiness of the network of the fifth generation of contacts to provide customer the services provided by the (5G) through the hardware support available in the UAE and enjoy the experience exceptional customer, where the speed of the fifth generation of approximately 20 times compared to the speed of the fourth generation.

Network availability, a fifth-generation faster response time of 1 millisecond, the speed of download standard up to 1 gigabit per second.

The contacts have begun work on the deployment of more than a thousand stations covering the support of this network during the current year, allowing customers the opportunity to enjoy experiences exceptional through this cutting-edge technology, like watching videos, High Definition and accuracy; techniques, augmented and virtual reality, in addition to cloud gaming interactive online.

Also called the fifth-generation capabilities and other solutions, such as automation; and vehicles self-driving; the robots developed; the printing and holographic technology; wearable.

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And continue to connections of investment in the modernization of different networks including, networks, mobile network, optical fiber, infrastructure development and support through investment in future technologies, such as the network of the fifth generation (5G), the embodiment of freedom on the development and modernization of its infrastructure and retina and permanently and continuously.

Recall that the connections may be started in the year 2014 the pilot phase of testing the network of the fifth generation, which was the first of its kind in the region, during its participation in Mobile World Congress.

Announced on May 14, 2018, i.e. after about 4 years of work and experimentation continued, the launch of the first network, a fifth-generation on a commercial scale, to be it Communications the first operator in the Middle East and North Africa succeeds in launching this network.

The telecom began to provide the services of the network of the fifth generation of many partners in the UAE, to enable them to enjoy the tremendous potential of this network.

Got Expo 2020 Dubai, 10 July 2018 the services of fifth-generation communications networks, making it the first major institution in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia get this service.

As communications is the first company in the telecommunications sector in the region in access to mobile phones, supporting to provide the fifth generation customers, was the first in the Middle East and North Africa in providing the network of the fifth generation within the International Airport, wishing in the building of the new Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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