Europe has to apply the law of one o’clock to delete the content of the terrorist prior to the imposition of fines

EU Flags at the European Commission Building

Think European law, the competent organization of e-content including the websites and social networks of the strictest rules, especially in regards to complacency in protecting users and their data as well as published content the terrorist attack on the home of people large, and in this context the European Parliament voted Wednesday on the resolution principle. would be necessary websites and social networks to delete any terrorist content within only one hour after being informed of the authorities entail a fine of up up to 4% of annual revenue in the case of non-compliance.

Endorsed the draft resolution 308 members of Parliament with the opposition 204 which of course will be discussed and more before trading it effectively to combat terrorist content; and taking into account that the current law has been mentioned in the guidance last spring that issued from the European Parliament but there is less climbing on the one hand that the former would be reported to the authorities and not be imposed from the outset on the network or the site itself, with a wave of claims by allowing time for larger sites and small businesses to opportunity operator until 12 hours.

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