European cities requesting assistance in the fight against the expansion of Airbnb

Feel many of the European cities concerned about the expansion of the platform (Airbnb), where the student has ten European cities with more help from the European Union in its fight against the platform (Airbnb) and other similar platforms.

Argues that cities that this region has freed the local population from the housing, as they change the face of biology.

She said Amsterdam; Barcelona; and Berlin; to Bordeaux; to Brussels; and Cracow; and, Munich, Paris, and Valencia; in the US, in the message in common: the tremendous growth of such international organizations should be on the agenda of the next set of European commissioners.

The prosecutor the European Court of Justice said in a non-binding opinion in the month of April: under EU law, it should be considered a platform (Airbnb) with digital information instead of an agent traditionally real estate.

In the event the court upheld this view, that means allowing the platform (Airbnb) and other platforms similar to operate freely throughout the European Union, together with exemption from any responsibility to ensure the compliance of landlords to the local rules which are designed to regulate rents.

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She said in a statement issued by the Council of the city of Amsterdam: think European cities that you should use the product first and foremost to live in, as many suffer from a serious shortage of accommodation, where you rent houses to tourists, which means a profit most, the disappearance of these homes from the housing market the traditional.

She outlined that local authorities should be able to counteract the negative effects of the prosperity of the work of this organization, such as rising rents for residents in full, and the continuation of tourism in urban areas, through the introduction of special regulations depending on the local situation.

They said: We believe that cities are in a better position to understand the needs of their population, has allowed them to organize a local activity through urban planning rules and the housing, and it seems that the prosecutor means that this will be possible when it comes to the Titans of the internet.

It owns a platform (Airbnb) in the current time more than 18 a list in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and 22 thousand in Berlin, the weight of 60 thousand in Paris, and data (Inside Airbnb) for the fiscal year that more than half of these listings were for apartments or houses is complete.

And many of the cities: the prosperity of the work of this organization helps in rising long-term rentals, and last year the city of Palma (Palma) Spanish to ban all the menus almost, so after a 50 percent increase in the number of tourists followed by a 40-percent increase in residential rents.

And many of the European cities to take action, but the local authorities for fear that the attempts of the European Union to promote e-commerce and economic participation in all parts of the union might hinder her efforts to ensure the survival of neighborhoods accessible to everyone.

Illustrates the cities that they were not against this type of rental, because the tourism offer of the city income and opportunities to work, but they believe it from the fact that they will be able to develop local rules, with the concern that the organization was not obliged to share information about holidays.

Said platform (Airbnb) in the month of April: she welcomed the opinion of the prosecutor, which gave a clear overview on the rules that apply on the platform of the cooperative economy, and how these rules help in creating opportunities for consumers.

Explained Ian Bruce the Ian Brossat, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, that the situation has deteriorated to a large extent in Paris, adding that the city put the new laws, but (Airbnb) are now heading to the European Commission, the competition law of its activities, the strength of our local threatened by the European Commission.

Deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing: can’t allow multinational corporations to become more powerful than cities and states, we need to be the European Union along with the population, not to the side of these big companies.

The campaigners say: if (Airbnb) benefit unfairly from the efforts of the European Union to improve the economic participation, which means they are able to ignore the local regulatory requirements effectively.

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