Even in 2030, 5G networks will not only reach a quarter of the users

In a new report, pointed out the location of McKinsey to the fact that the industries of wireless will focus heavily on 5G in the coming years, however, the first wave of these industries in spite of this excess interest will not benefit many users.

Kinsey is expected that the application of the global networks of the fifth generation in the first phase would be 700-900 million USD will be only 25% of users-or countries – around the world, as pointed out that this process will take 10 years to complete, but in the meantime, users who live in developed countries and rich up already for networks of the fifth generation, or they’ll get to it soon.

The fifth-generation networks will be the speed of data transfer ten times faster than the 4G network is currently available, but even in the stages of deployment of the old it is not expected to cover the networks of the fifth generation of the state as a whole, but will change cities and specific regions due to the high prices of tools they run, most notably the towers direction.

Sources: Gizchina / McKinsey

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