Even youtube didn’t take away from the scripts that you mining digital currencies the secret


Use scripts to set the currency default is accumulating, it enables website owners of mining digital currencies by exploiting the processing power provided by the devices of the visitors. Have resorted to some big websites such as The Pirate Bay to this method for Mining the digital currency Monero. Don’t expect to see ads on YouTube contain scripts hidden for this purpose, but it turns out that some of the parties used the bigger platform to share videos in the world to digital currency Monero.

Started the reports on the monitoring of anti-virus programs scripts source to the two digital currencies on YouTube floating on the internet last week. Since one does not expect Google Inc. to serve the customers, it was clear that no one would believe it.

However, the researchers said security company Trend Micro, specialized in the development of anti-virus software by last week to these ads on YouTube have led to a high rate of monitoring the operations of mining digital currencies on the Internet to three times. They also revealed that the people behind these ads will abuse the system to display the ads Google DoubleClick to display ads harmful for users of YouTube in countries such as France, Japan, Italy, and Spain.

According to one of the security researchers, they are targeting probably youtube because users spend usually a lot of time on the site. The users on the site for a long time is sufficient to assign digital currencies like Monero. The representative of Google in an official statement that the mining of the digital currency is a new form of abuse that violate company policies, and they monitor this actively, he added : ” in this case was the prohibition of advertising in less than two hours, and removed actors at a speed of our platforms “.

I didn’t remember, Google time start to display these ads on YouTube and when it was removed although the company Trend Micro reported that many of these ads keeps on appearing for one week at least.


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