Everyone can now access the platform talks Google Duo of web

Google Duo

One of the features that the long wait for access to the service video chats Google Duo finally arrived now, this water that we’re talking about here is the ability to conduct video chats on computers through a browser. And the best thing is that the web version of the Google Duo also supports notifications to receive an alert on incoming calls.

According to 9to5Google, there are still Google the company launched this feature through its servers, so if you want to know whether this feature is available to you or not, then moving to the duo.google.com in the browser Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari while logged in to your account in Google. If this feature is available to you, you must see the fact on the spot. If not, you’ll probably see a page Google Duo regular.

If you are able to access the web version of the Google Duo, leave us a comment below. According to 9To5Google, it seems to work with anyone who uses Google Chrome and log in to the Google account.

After login, you can see all your contacts in the Google Duo which has been synced you will be able to click on it to make calls. Of course, this will require to have your computer equipped with a microphone or a webcam, because web version of the Google Duo will either call audio or visual.


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