Everything is new Google Chrome 74

Start Access version Google Chrome 74 Tuesday the 23rd of April, where the browser comes balthy black (dark) to Windows book address the hidden and the image feature in the image, here’s detail.

Theme dark for Windows

Theme-dark or dark where the Black color Got issue 73 to computers Mac, and finally will be released officially to Windows, if computer Windows do theme Dark from the settings will be activated automatically mode on the Chrome browser.

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Blocking address hidden

Some websites can recognize the user during browsing of its time hidden and then target ads and offers, but to have it the future issue Chrome 74, and often will enable the activation feature in the settings or demo page chrome://flags.

Improving the status of picture-in-picture

Came version 70 the status of picture-in-picture to play YouTube videos floating within any other window, say that the new update will come buttons control video mode picture-in-picture, but the details are so vague moment.

The future of Google Chrome

We knew in advance that the browser chooses the protocol to the lazy loading elements of web pages, which may increase the download speed of 18-35%, but the water is rumored to skyrocket with the release of 75 in May next. As also rumored that there is a special mode to reduce the consumption of RAM, and to focus gives the user a clean interface.

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