Everything we know about iOS system 12, until now!

Will be officially announced for iOS 12, on 4 June during the Apple’s annual developers WWDC 2018, there is some information that we know about this upcoming release, according to press reports published during recent months, and here is a summary of the most important is what is stated about the iOS system 12.

كل ما نعرفه عن نظام iOS 12 المنتظر حتى الآن!

Everything we know about iOS system 12, until now!

The most prominent advantages expected in the iOS update 12

Focus on performance and stability

After criticism of the many that struck Apple as a result of problems and Frequent errors in the updates to the iOS Arena, will lead Apple to change its policy with the next updates to focus more on raising the performance and increase the stability and reduce errors and unexpected problems as much as possible and to provide the many features with every version and without sufficient preparation.

Digital negative

And are several advantages of the perpetrators aimed at reducing the negative effects caused by the frequent use of smart devices, such as some options which will allow parents to know the time spent and in the use of Apple devices their own.

Feature Animoji with calls

IOS system 12 may allow for users of the iPhone X to make video calls through FaceTime using the technique Animoji, and also add Animoji in new forms.

Face ID

Maybe come iOS system 12 has another advantage for users of the iPhone X will enable them to unlock their phones through the technology Face ID when in the horizontal position next to the vertical as is the case currently.

Other advantages

  • Re-design your home screen.
  • Vast improvements in the audio application with re-designed.
  • Improved control options in the feature do not disturb Do Not Disturb.
  • Improve package ARKit special applications of augmented reality.
  • Re-design of some applications such as application Health and application Stocks.
  • Significant changes in Siri and integrate it more fully into the system and its applications.

The material produced for the launch of iOS 12

As our Return Apple TV will be the official announcement of the iOS system 12 new in the next conference for developers after the launch of the system developers and subscribers Apple TV program pilot in several trial versions until September or October Next and is the final Launch Date of the system for all users.

What would you like to see in iOS update 12 the next?!

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