Everything we know about the device Microsoft Redistributable bending

In the second of the month of October and Microsoft will Butt told me on the devices Surface and it seems that Microsoft will launch a surprise massive, where it may launch device is a foldaway bed that is running Windows 10.

What we’re talking about is Project Andromeda famous and make Microsoft, which we haven’t heard anything since last year when Microsoft was putting it off but the news and rumors have continued to emerge since last March when it was announced the new patent received by Microsoft, this patent disclosed the possibility of the advent of the phone/device is a foldaway bed and it will bend by an angle of 360 degrees.

Today appeared a new report from one of the German sites discussing the innocence of a new invention, which were published by WIPO is a global organization and the implementation of property rights and patents. The New revealed by new patents is the possibility of the device Microsoft Redistributable bend to bend it in multiple modes and a pair various techniques in addition to that it will be divided into two screens.

As in the photo above, it is expected from a Andromeda to present situations and different angles and also applications will be integrated with it and you’ll have it perfectly, whatever the situation of the user, this is all about the patent first.

As for the patent first is a system of closed magnetic phone which will be the phone -or device – very tenacious when it’s closed it or bend it of course will this technology transform the device from phone to tablet and vice versa.

The new device even now carries the code name Centaurus this instead of Andromeda is probably going to be a mix between a smartphone and a tablet, as is the case in the said taxi Fuld or dead X, the operating system that is running the device is Windows Core OS which of course is an operating system derived from Windows operating system and as you can expect this partial may be the biggest flaw in the device will not fire and simply distinct Android and iOS as a previous Microsoft with Windows Phone was not successful enough.

Add to that the whole the conference on October 2, special price Microsoft will be various devices which we’ll sing it with you of course! We leave you now with the full audio of the patent which supports the device Cenataurus:

Source: PhoneArena

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