Everything we know about the game FIFA 2019 been 4

As long as the game was FIFA of the best games of football, and offered to grant her the Permanent Mission of the game Pro Evolution Soccer known as PES, but it seems that the version FIFA 19 will be the strongest in the history of the game and perhaps the strongest the game of football on PlayStation 4, here’s everything we know about the new version before its launch:

Champions League and European League

After years of control of Konami (the developer of the game, PES) on the license the Champions League and the European League, has become the Electronic Arts (the developer of the game FIFA) is the new owner of the rights; this will combine all clubs, the Champions League and the European League and the use of the logos of the original clubs and support operations, as well as the annexation of the teachers, Derek, ray and Lee Dixon, to choose the commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith to comment on other matches, and we don’t know anything about the Arab teachers.

Will FIFA 19 game style special Champions League and European so that you can create tournaments and compete in the same way as the right way, where the start of the group stage and compete to qualify for the next stage and so on.

Improvements to the way you play

One of the new enhancements to the way the game is know for the sweet (Sweet Spot), when shot at a specific timing enhances the probability of a corner in one of the corners of the goal as directed, this is the timing: the moment of touching the ball foot player so he can balance and kick the ball as it should.

At line level, you can create game plans before the game and implement them at certain times as when you lose the ball, certain conditions missed in the result, so they are switching the game plan automatically, as can be verified in the centers of player during game play.

Also you can specify the power and depth of concentration of the group, payment method: pressure after loss of acquisition, medium pressure, zone Defense, pressure balanced, the pressure on the touch heavy. Included a map of the pitch the mini as well on the improvements; the most significant representation of the elements of the group of circuit elements other team to appear and instead of thinking at the expense of color only.

And, of course, included the improvements to player movement and ball handling to become more realistic, especially receiving the ball and direction of One Touch, as well as the quirks are becoming more realistic, and stop losing the ball on a 50:50 became the end of the outcome variable, thanks to the considered nature of the competitors is important and physical.

Style Ultimate Team

Next to the known pattern of play from the purchase of packs of players to build a dream team, it is expected that riding style is more on the themes of Champions League for the first time will be revealed about the possibilities contained in the package, players elite or skills such as.

Journey Alex Hunter: Champions League

The player’s fantasy of making Electronic Arts, Alex Hunter, who made his way to the Premier League in FIFA 17, then to the American League in FIFA 18, will compete in the Champions League, and as usual expect to not stretch the story for more than two hours, with few opportunities to play, but his game style is good for recreation of the intense competition in the playing styles of the other.


There are three version of the game:

The standard version is priced at 59.99$: comes with 5 packs Jumbo Premium Gold style Ultimate Team, with the secondment of Ronald 7 days and special skills.

Available on Amazon

A copy of the Champions League at the price of 79.99: come with 20 packs Jumbo Premium secondment Neymar Junior 7 days choose one of the five players to submit 80-83, and the rest of the Special Features for the standard, you get the game early 3 days.

Available on Amazon

Version Ultimate at a price of$ 99.99: comes with 40 Pack Jumbo, and the rest of the Special Features by the Champions League.

Available on the website of Sony

Date of the

Will be launching FIFA 19 on 28 September for PlayStation 4, Xbox one, and computer.

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