Everything we know about the iPad Pro 2018

It is reported that Apple plans to launch two new models of iPad pro with the iPhone this year according to many reports, so we will review here the most important to monitor the reports and leaks.


According to Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst competent on the Apple TV, The size of the file small will remain as is but the screen size will increase to 11 inches instead of 10.5 inches as a result of minimize the pelvis, either the adult will remain on the screen 12.9 each year, but its size will become smaller for ease of use.

Feature FaceID

According to Bloomberg the information mentioned by the analyst Kuo and manuals of codes iOS, the biggest change to my iPad Pro 2018 will be technical support to the real depth of the front facing camera to three-dimensional on the face to make a feature of ratification of facial FaceID characters name.

It is also expected to support the FaceID paid Pro facial recognition in a vertical position or horizontal, unlike the iPhone X which supports portrait mode only, as a result of the widespread use of tablets in landscape mode.

Bump for iPhone X?

Don’t stop to think Apple is the protrusion (s) the screen of the iPhone X in the iPad Pro 2018, for the simple reason that it will have enough space to embed the sensor and the front camera to the top of the screen without the need to bring any pieces.

As for the support of the same system of gestures for iPhone X in the iPad Pro, which depends on the presence of the extrusion to a certain extent; the like a charm from the people the right to access control center, could be explained by the desire of the Apple TV in the standardization of the mode of interaction with devices iPhone and iPad.

Conclusion: there is no information crucial on the adoption of bump for iPhone X not in iPad new Pro, but there is no obvious reason to support the extrusion.


For the memory capacity random, probably not changed for 4 gigabytes of address space existing with the current models, is expected to be upgrade the Processor to one of the women from the A12 core 7 Nm which will be used phones the iPhone this year.

Price official announcement

There is no information about the change of the price; it is expected that the starting price for the model 11-inch 649$ (2,435 SR) and 12.9-inch from$ 799 ( 2,999 SAR). It may also be the official announcement during the first half of September with the iPhone and hours Apple TV, or may be postponed to late September or October.

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