Everything we know about the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max so far

Now we’re after three months of officially announced devices iPhone new from Apple, the new phones will certainly phone my iPhone 11 regular and iPhone 11 MAX with the largest screen size, this is next to the second phone which will be launched is expected to be the successor of the iPhone XR, which was launched last year, and now we’ll be in touch in this article about everything we know about the new phones all round the beginning of the screen down to the battery.. is start.

The design of the iPhone 11

In terms of design it is expected to come in both the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max with matching design for the previous two X and XS this is the world of Apple to keep a design for several years, add to that the audience may like the design of the new phones already.

Based on the leaks for protection covers (Covers) your phones new and we expect it to come iPhone 11 smaller length 143.9 Ms-meter-high 71.4 Ms M and a thickness of 7.8 millimeters, in comparison with the previous generation iPhone XS there would be a little bigger, the phone the larger iPhone 11 MAX will come with its length, width and high are 157.6 and 77.5, and 8.1 mm respectively, compared with the previous generation phone the new will come with almost the same length and width but thickness is less, so that the thickness of the iPhone 11 Max will be in the range of 7.7 ms meters.

Based on the leaks we knew also that The Shape of the rear camera has changed a lot, which raised the ire of a large number of users because the new format is not the best so that the cameras coming in the form of a square in the new phones but this occurrence is expected to be top-notch in terms of its emergence from the body of the phone, on the other hand, in order to be the organization of the back box is horrible it has been to change the glass back of the device, where it will consist of one piece of glass this will be the box etched in to the glass around the box and not under it.

One of the simple changes and the other is that the mode button silent Mute Switch and volume control buttons will change their place a little, most likely side effect to the new camera on the two phones, it appeared some rumors stating that the mute button will move up and down instead of left and right.. what do you think about this point?

The screen in the iPhone 11

Probably won’t change screens, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max compared to previous generation displays, so that both phones will OLED Panel that measured 5.8 inches for the phone smaller iPhone 11 compared with 6.5 inch phone, the biggest iPhone 11 MAX, some of the Warriors may stop a change in the leadership of the young ladies however, this probably will happen next year and not this year.

On the other hand Apple is planning some changes regarding the screen, these changes may not be positive for some and among them is the 3D technology Touch. Some analysts and specialists claim that Apple is about to turn off the 3D feature Touch phones following so after what came in iOS 13 with features الـPeek والـPop and also home screen shortcuts which will work without a 3D Touch of foundation accordingly it is expected to operate the same technology on the phones Apple old and new, but without relying on the screen itself.

?Note: whatever comes with the new phones technology 3D Touch in older phones will work as is.

The camera in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 MAX

Perhaps the most exciting things about the new phones this year from Apple is the camera technologies the new, a large number of reports confirmed that the phone will come with three cameras, the background -as pictured above – with that it’s not sure 100% yet, but the cameras of the tripartite that will without any doubt much better performance from the camera binary in the previous generation.

Based on the report to Bloomberg Cameroon the rear would be between her wide lens Ultra-Wide-Angle through which users can capture the images containing many details of the environment surrounding the factory, as well as through the lens II will be able to Apple increase the optical zoom Optical Zoom this while my phone XS and XS MAX come with a 2x optical zoom but it is possible to increase this year, too, and the visual is responsible for keeping photo quality and details after the work of the Zoom during filming.

As for the front camera it is expected to increase the accuracy of the 7-megapixel to 12-megapixel camera, will also report from the lens of the four elements of the 4-Element lens with five elements, this certainly will significantly increase the quality of the picture edit.

Processor and performance the iPhone 11

Apple continues to develop processors A which it manufactures itself, the two phones are new for this year is expected to come with a processor Apple A13 which Apple started in the processes of manufacture actually in the beginning of this year in cooperation with the global source of TSMC. Processor A13 based on the accuracy of manufacture 7nm+ therefore, we expect that we we’ll watch a marked difference in performance compared with the A12 to the previous generation.

In general, experts expect that the most important feature is a wizard the next A13 Bionic is that it will improved performance on the motherboard depending on the artificial AI, and this contribution of Apple in the world of الـAI which is not enough to stop. Possible about the Apple products is the performance of the nuclear one, which is something Apple has remained prevalent for many years based on measurements of the platform such as Geekbench 4.

Plug in the iPhone 11 and-iPhone 11 Max

New phones get new features specific to the plug so that the iPhone 11 will be able to play music on my device/headset and my Bluetooth at the same time which is or will be through the Technology Dual Bluetooth Audio is one of the techniques available in the fifth version of Bluetooth.

A large number of Android phones -especially الـFlagships – available this feature a long time ago but it is not present in phones iPhone this is in spite of the presence of a partner Bluetooth 5 in all of the iPhone the beginning of the year 2017, and the reason for the lack of these technical problems are Sync to the phone, and because of the presence of the chip in the phones iPhone since 2017 may be made available through system update for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X.

In the meantime, phones iPhone supports to connect more than Bluetooth device one at the same time, however, they do not support connection to two devices of the same type, so that you can connect your car and smartphone, or smart watch, hearing range, but you can’t do this with the headphones at the same time. It is also worth noting that the iOS update 13 has allowed the possibility of contact with my AirPod at one time, so it is not remote that turns our guess and become the is fully available.

The battery and in the iPhone 11

Expected to support iPhone 11 technical know بـBilateral Wireless Charging, a technique that will allow you to use the back of iPhone 11 Your as wireless, this technique is known to the users of Android phones and I have a Samsung known as Power Share, through this technique and you charge the headset AirPod your or hours your smartphone by placing it on the back of your phone, so is it with phones your friends, where you can put your friend’s phone on the back of your phone to charge it, this of course if it supports wireless charging, and it applies to phones iPhone and Android.

On the occasion of this new technique is expected to increase battery capacity phone iPhone 11 up to 25% and that is getting sought his older brother, including up to 15%, this will be a positive feature too sure whether to use the new technique, Bilateral wireless charging is the reverse, or to use your phone more effectively in general.

Last but not least, the back of numerous reports about whether Apple will move from the charging port USB-A its own with the capacity 5 and just or not, is the charger attached in box phones, however, have appeared reports in the month of April previous reports that Apple will put the charger with the capacity 18W with iPhone 11 in the box.. which is something that we can all definitely.

What do you think about the new phones based on what we know about her so far? Share your comment as well as tell us if you are considering the acquisition of one of them.



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