Everything we know about the iPhone SE 2 next

Still rumors and leaks related to the iPhone SE2 emerge, where we got over the past few months on many of the reports and in between, sometimes on the master phone.

Can be divided into the rumors and leaks to three scenarios: the first is the advent of the phone to decide minor improvements such as wireless charging support and a frame behind glass, and the second indicates that the phone will be released just processor best to make the performance more smoothly with the operating system iOS 12, the second scenario is most likely, perhaps, is comprehensive reform with a design similar to the iPhone X. we will look at this article to rumors and leaks related to this celebration.


According to leaks are expected to come to iPhone SE 2 with a new design quite similar to the design of iPhone X this reserve received confirmation this week thanks to a leak of the company’s industry screen protection Olixar, which it claims to have received a detailed blueprint of Chinese factories for SE 2 confirm the design, as will a phone without a button home within the rear of the glass.

The screen

It seems that the iPhone SE 2 will come with a screen display size of 4 inches from edge to edge with an extra piece at the top, without button home or ID to the rest of the parts are expected to come in similar iPhone SE current.

Face recognition

Know charts cutting the excess width of 1.87 cm only which may be too small to accommodate the components of the sensor Face ID, so the possibility of the adoption of the phone to face recognition is still questionable.

Wireless charging

Shown shopping image shows that iPhone SE 2 will come behind the glass is likely to support wireless charging.

Rear camera

Coming to iPhone SE 2 camera background is relatively large compared to iPhone SE the original.


Expected to come to iPhone SE 2 processor A10 Fusion user in the iPhone 7 with 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 or 128 gigabytes of internal storage.


The rumors suggest to the advent of the phone with prices starting from $ 450 (1700 SAR/AED) according to device’s internal storage.

Release date

Is the iPhone SE 2 of the phones most awaiting in the second half of the year, several reports to the possibility of doing so in the month of June, which means we may be just days after the date of the disclosure.

However some still exclude the adoption of Apple to design a phone of its flagship iPhone X Phone an economical, so you might think of apple the same design of the device and the current focus on improved performance and support for wireless charging and maybe some minor changes.

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