Everything we know about the TV OnePlus smartphone OnePlus TV

Compete the company OnePlus Chinese strongly in the smartphone market with its excellent, and it now appears that the police are on their way to enter the market of smart screens. You may have heard in recent days a lot of news that OnePlus is about to launch a smart TV, and it has been suggested to the company that it has already on a number of occasions, where it is expected to provide the TV design possible nurses, cutting-edge and outstanding quality.

Smart TV coming in four sizes

It is expected that the launch of the TV first smartphone from the company OnePlus in all over the world in a range of different sizes, starting from 43 inch, and 55 inch and 65 inch and 75 inch, which is good of the police to provide different options according to the wishes of consumers, where because the company has a good reputation for its smart, it would be good to get a TV with better specs is the size suitable for you.

Will the TV OS based on Android

OxygenOS is an operating system based on the rate of the Android system famous, Where launched by the Chinese police for the first time in 2015 and are using the hobby its smart. So that on the smart TV, it is expected that works similar to the smart phones provide an interface for the TV, and there will be a remote control via Bluetooth.

Television may be a kind of Olid

Some rumors that some version of smart TV will be the screen Olid, which allows to obtain the experience of an excellent use of colours and deep black and vibrant colors in response to the quick, so that will be the content high quality is fun, and suggest the rumours that the screen will be available versions the IPS, which is expected to be more affordable.

A lot of nurses, high-end

We expect that supports the smart TV from the company OnePlus Chinese features such as HDR and 4K, in addition to the latest generation of Bluetooth technology 5.1, which is important for users who have the latest audio equipment and want to get the best possible sound wirelessly, and are expected to support the TV also has some features of artificial intelligence,

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