Everything you need to know about the new version of tvOS

The new version which carries the number 13 from the operating system tvOS TVs may come to us now in conjunction with the iOS system 13 and also watchOS 6, and all of this was within the conference WWDC the year 2019, which we’ve covered with you. The new update features a wide range of new tools and also how great the improvements.

The new update also will add more fun to the users of the Apple TV where it will come with a new version of the Apple Music service also integrates with the extensions to the new terminal, such as Bacillus control PS DualShock 4 and XBOX Wireless, if you are a user of Apple TV or thinking about becoming one of them, this article will get you information exciting, so if you want to see the new Apple in general.

Support more than one user in tvOS 13

Even though Apple TV is one of the most expensive services the watch in terms of price it was only lacking feature is extremely important, namely to support more than one user this in spite of the availability of these water services to the broadcast and watch the cheapest price, except that with Update 13 of the operating system tvOS has become possible to login more than one account.

This was having a negative impact on users of the Apple TV because when more than one person using the TV through the Apple account One problems occur in the settings of the temporary like the next episode of the show you are watching, etc., will now be able to every member of the family of log for his own account through the Control Center the Control Center which was added a new system, and it is during this step will be able to each user of the reserve account, including his preferences of music, movies and series along with complete content sharing from the point at which it had stopped at the previous time.

An updated version of the Apple Music on tvOS 13

Update tvOS 13 brings and carries with it also a big update to apply the Apple Music on the system, the new update includes a karaoke mode (Karaoke) which will enable you to you and your friends to sing together to the music of a song, as well as the application comes with the possibility to run display song lyrics in real time while listening to it and this feature would be great, especially if you want to develop your English.

Support the delivery of extensions and additional tvOS 13

In conjunction with the service Apple Arcade coming in the way the event tvOS 13 will run just — my arm won new controller and the PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless from Sony and also the XBOX Wireless Microsoft, this improve gameplay Apple Arcade, which will be a service to provide games monthly subscription will be more than 100 new game exclusive will Devices iPhone, iPad and also certainly the Mac and Apple t-in we can expect the release officially next fall.

Change in the form of a home page in tvOS 13

System T or S will come with the main interface the Home Screen is new, however, this fact is not that is gonna impress a lot of people, where they are filled with content, with the possibility of review, any you once you leave the cursor on any video will start the system in the operation of the Trailer or the ad its automatically that if the series or movie, this in itself may be a little annoying.

Still Apple is one of the best companies in terms of the application of new features, so we hope to include our company the possibility of closing or operating this water, especially those who do not care about the feelings of your advertising films or eager to consume their internet.

A new application with the possibility to add other apps inside tvOS

In the month of March, Apple launched a new version of the Apple TV, which uses the tvOS system itself and other Apple devices, this app now you can have access to as wide variety of content through the experience of using one, except that the application may not the concept in this.

App on all devices has become offers an interface similar to develop a Netflix competitor so that the application’s main interface has become come under the name of the Watch Now and through it will enable you to review the content of all the sections, also there will be other sections inside the app like Movies, movies, Kids content kids and Sports content sports and within each of these sections there are three rankings which is Up Next, What to Watch and For You.

On the other hand completely, as long as the users of Apple TV to add additional channels through cable satellite in the usual way, that besides the possibility of viewing directly from streaming services like Hulu and others, except that now users can add 150 additional channel under the name Apple TV Channels besides the possibility to watch, directly from applications such as Starz, HBO, Epix and CBS, etc. through the registered login or create an account directly on these services through the application of the TV! This feature will be very useful both now and after the launch of the Apple TV Plus watch the direct, but as you can expect, Netflix is not among the supported services.

Support for more platforms and devices on T-on or S-13

The TV application, which we talked about above is already available for Apple TV and iOS of all kinds, as it will be available also for MacOS sometime in the fall, but the surprise here is that we’ll see the TV application for the first time outside of Apple devices! So that the app will start to expand to be available for smart TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG and video first will get the app are the Samsung.

That’s not all, the app also will be available in the later devices, Roku and Amazon Fire TV, however, Apple did not announce the intention to provide the app for the TV operating system running Android, but they have confirmed that they will screen Sony’s, and at the same time screens Sony work بـAndroid TV, does that mean we’ll see the app on the TV working Android is?

What is the price of Apple TV and what’s on it?

Application Apple TV new is a free application however, you will have to pay in exchange for what you want to see of content, subscribe to channels is through the app and smooth except that the prices may be a bit high and will depend about what you want to watch it actually, with Lilly we show you the prices of some channels according to a report from MacWorld:

1 – channel Acorn TV at a price of 6 USD
2 – channel Cinemax at a price of $ 10
3 – channel Comedy Central is Now priced at $ 4
4 – channel Curiosity Stream at a price of 3 USD
5 – channel Epix at a price of 6 USD
6 – channel HBO at the price of 15 USD
7 – channel Lifetime Movie Club price of $ 4
8 – channel MTV Hits at a price of 6 USD
9 – channel, Showtime at the price of 11 USD
10 – channel Starz for a price of 9 USD.

Certainly these prices are the prices for monthly subscriptions, as it will be shown in front of you hundreds of channels to choose in between them, this coupled with no Apple in making Apple TV destroyed between the direct viewing and viewing static content and upload it, this to be able to watch an episode of what at the time displayed, so you can later watch them in another time or download them!

How did you find the new updates for tvOS 13’s? And are you users of the Apple TV? We shared right now!


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