Everything you should know about Android Q

With that he does not yet know the final name chosen by the company Google for the next version of the operating system Android, but the beta version has launched. So, if you want to know the most important advantages that will come out (Android que) Android Q, you’re in the right place.

But before beginning, here you can find Android phones that support the beta version of (the Android Q) at the current time, it may be your phone is one of them.

As is the case every year, the (Android que) comes with many new features, and is likely to get the other advantages in updates trial judge, before the release of the final version later this year. Here, we present to you the highlights of the new features:

Remove button (refer)

With that button (Refer) was one of the most important parts of Android since the beginning, but it was removed with (the Android Q), so after initialization, so in the version of (Android Bay), with the new version, you can go to the main page by passing the finger on the screen towards the top, the water towards the top with the constipation displays a list of multitasking, the party of the left or right edge of the company is due to the back.

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Support (Dark Mode) for the entire system

After years of claims, confirmed the company Google (Android PostgreSQL) will support the feature (dark mode) in full, it will be possible to do it on and off at any time from the menu (Quick Settings) Quick Settings.

With regard to applications, it has created Google (the interface software development) API to help developers make apps move to the (dark mode) automatically once you do the system (Quick Settings).

New options (patterns)

The ability to customize Android is one of the leading advantages of which over the past years, however (Android que), Google will provide users with more customization options, including: the ability to change the user interface color to blue, or green, or purple, or black.

Feature support (live commentary) Live Caption with the multimedia inside the machine intraday

A feature (comments text) Closed Captions of important benefits for the disabled, and others who wish to watch video clips, or games, or other multimedia muffled sound, without understanding sense of the word debate in it.

Supports system (Android que) feature (live commentary) Live Caption that will display the comments text for any multimedia stored on the device in real time, and it is possible here, that these comments are text within only the device, without the need to connect to the internet.

Big changes are coming to (permissions)

I became a fertility in recent years one of the first priorities for many users, so the system (Android Q) will increase the advantages that increase their privacy, including the identification of the permissions that each application, and control. Google said in a post on her blog the apps that ask permission to access to the user’s location will reveal that a pop-up window, where users can choose to allow it., or while using the app only, or prevent it at all.

In the page (using permissions) Permissions Usage within settings, you will know (the Android Q) any of the permissions used by each application, in addition to the possibility of the nomination of permissions to see which applications are using the ear-specific.

Everything you should know about Android Q

Enhanced list to participate

Of the problems that users encounter in the list of common Android it suffers from some slowness, but with (Android Q), the will appear immediately.

And speaking of participation, the new version of the Android system will come with a new name (tests involved) Sharing Shortcuts, allows developers to create a new option in the share menu for allowing the participation of: file, image, or otherwise.

Everything you should know about Android Q

Better support for phones folding

With the beginning of 2019 began the era of smart phones folding, and running the Android platform, so that the set design of Google’s system to accept this new experience. Google said: she has conducted a number of improvements to the (Android que) to help applications to take advantage of the large size screens of the new phones.

What will allow (Android que) for?

Perhaps this is one of the most important questions that concern a fan of Android until the announcement of the final name. Adopted Google, the release of the names of the candy on the new versions of the operating system Android, according to the alphabetical order of the English letters.

And because the next character is a (Q) Q, the number of solutions that start with that letter Little, little ones:

  • Queen of Puddings
  • Quiche
  • Quesito
  • Quindim
  • Queijadas

Referred to as that Google launched the first version of a demo of (Android Que) on 13 March last for (Pixel) Pixel, then launched the second version, on 3 April last, then the second on 7 May last, then the fourth, on 5 June. It is expected that the Company Launches Women: fifth, sixth and then the final version during the second quarter of 2019.


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