Everything you should know about social networking in the United Arab Emirates

Brands, marketers, influencers, celebrities Instagram where they … we would all like to think we are aware of our habits and consumption of social media here in the United Arab Emirates.

But did you know that most of the users of social networks inside the country prefer to publish their content in English? We are not just talking about the Arrivals this includes Emiratis as well, and that’s not all.

Sure that Arabic is the official language of the country, this is not to deny the existence of celebrities in the UAE speak Arabic and the content of the work.

According to Crowd Analyzer, during the past year was the population of the UAE more access to facebook through phones running Android, and the same rule enter also on Instagram but not snapchat, where the figures show that most users in the UAE for this application using the iPhone.

It’s interesting to see where the interest when it comes to social media in the United Arab Emirates, along with files of persons active on the area and how to access them to the network.

In this article your interested corporate community in the UAE and marketers who wish to target the UAE market, we’ll talk about the official figures and facts about this topic.

  • The composition of Facebook users in United Arab Emirates

Up the number of users of Facebook activity in the UAE to 8.5 million users, in general there are 7.8 million users speaking in English compared to 2.1 million users speaking Arabic..

Within the users active males constituted the majority as there are 6.3 million vs. 2.2 million girls and women.

It’s interesting that most of the Facebook users in the UAE are interested in content relating to travel, games, fashion, and entertainment.

And the fact that the majority speak English and use the international version of the site, it means that they follow public pages and the published content in that language, while 2.1 million Arab users interact with the pages of the Arab and follow the websites that publish the content in that language.

From the information we have obtained also that most of the Facebook users are using Android devices, knowing that these devices constitute the majority in the UAE on various platforms with the exception of snapchat, where the preferences of the users of the iPhone, especially as the version for iPhone of this app is excellent and good, while the Android version received a lot of criticism, and is slow and bad.

This highlights to us that the number of iPhone users on this area does not exceed 2.1 million users vs 7 million users of Android devices.

Enjoys travel and tourism by more than 8.5 laxative follow-up and neglected on Facebook, following registration and an audience of 5.6 million users, then the games is estimated at 4.5 million followers, then follow the news and news sites all of the components of the 4 million followers, the same number also for lovers of songs and music.

This explains to us as the private facebook and the interests of the public of the UAE and how they can reach them.

  • The consumption of snapchat in the United Arab Emirates

As we mentioned above, the ladies and men are of the great teachers in snapchat in the United Arab Emirates.

Most users of this product using the iPhone where the app is perfect and works well on Download content quickly.

Therefore, it may be users of Android are more inclined to talk about the system involved in the story, and the American company on the design of a new application for Android devices.

  • The consumption of Twitter in the United Arab Emirates

Arab Emirates, the United States influential in Twitter, but that doesn’t mean it’s a social network the largest in the Gulf state.

According to the figures we have obtained, the Twitter users in the UAE were more inclined to post their tweets in English. But the percentage of users was the highest as compared to facebook and Instagram about a third of users in the UAE have posted tweets in Arabic.

This shows us that publishing in English on Facebook is just the style of use does not mean that the Westerners and Indians are the absolute majority in these states, there are also a few million Arab residents.

There are a million users active on Twitter in the United Arab Emirates, there are 666 thousand users speak Arabic vs. 754 thousand users world English.

As there is a state of balance between users who speak English and Arabic, there is a balance between the users of Android and iPhone.

Showed users also have interests in Fitness, Sports, and fashion and primarily on the product, but this does not deny that attention to news sites a few, where we know a lot of news websites UAE that are all big and depend on this organization brought in the readings and views.

Airlines and tourism Add to the restaurants use this product to increase the sales and conversions are high.

  • The consumption of LinkedIn in United Arab Emirates

Compared with the other neighbouring states, is proud to United Arab Emirates is the largest number of users of these products, and are considered cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi centers of international trade within the region.

Users of male is higher than female users on the platform. Can be individuals in senior roles and management to achieve maximum benefit from the product, compared to the “partners” and “managers” and “bosses”.

There is a blockbuster growing in the UAE for companies to employ staff and customers depending on their resumes to this product.



In the end look social networking marketing tools are great for businesses and websites and marketers to bring in visits, but if the adoption of a clear plan to rely on more than social media, targeting users in the UAE based on their interests.


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