Everything you wanted to know about APK files and how to use it on Android phones

As a user of smart phone running Android, you may encounter the words “APK” one day while talking about the applications and analysis, and if you also read our site, it is essential that you have been through it many times, especially when talking about the apps can’t be downloaded from Play Store official Google.

This article is intended to shed light on the APK files and how to use it in Android phones.

What is file APK?

The answer is simple: it is an app that you install and use it on your smartphone from Play Store or any other external source download applications. Why don’t you see it directly? This is what will save us for the joint.

Throw the APK file to the “Android Packaging Kit” while there is no Arabic translation of the Minutes of this term, it we can say it stands for the package includes the important and necessary information which allow an application that works on smartphones based on Android operating system, which is quite similar to the programs that download later .exe that we use on personal computers.

In some detail, the file APK is one of the types of log files (such as compressed file format .zip) this means that the process of installed on the smartphone is unzip all offices and codes existing within which will allow to create the user application on the smartphone.

Here it should be noted something important: the difference between the powers of the user on the smart phone and the personal computer, allowing Windows users to access a wide allow them to deal comfortably with everything related to the operating system – almost, therefore, dealing with software download format .exe is commonplace for the vast majority of users, while the Android system by default, such powers and manages many of the things in the background without letting the user to intervene, such as downloading and installing apps from official stores. If we want to look at this article from another angle, I’d say that the manual that explains how to deal with download apps on Android as we do on Windows.

How can download APK files to?

Here we come to the question important: if the APK file is a application, so why not share it when you download the application from the Play Store or another store? The answer here is simple: when you use stores to download the app, the Android system process to download the package and unzip it and then installed on the phone, and all that in the background.

But on the other hand, in case you want to download apps from outside the Play Store, or in the absence of the store in your country, how would you be able if to download and update apps? Here comes the importance of APK files and installation manual for applications.

Now suppose you found the apk file of your application what you want installed on your phone, you can do this in two ways:

  • Download the file on the personal computer
  • Download the file directly on the phone.

Download the file on the personal computer

For this option, what it requires of you theme is download apk file for your application required the need of one of the stores APK files (stated below) and then link smartphone via USB to the computer. Here you should pay attention to the need to activate the option to share the phone as a media device, multi Media Device, including will allow for the exchange of files between it and the case, while this will use the default style to recharge its battery only.

Now link your phone to the computer successfully, it must be copy the file from the case and paste it anywhere within the phone’s memory. The next step will be to make sure you do the property transfer from unknown sources Unknown Sources as follows:

  • Tap on the settings app Settings
  • Click on the option “protect Security”
  • Go down the list until you find the option “unknown sources Unknown Sources” which is not enabled by default. Activate it.

Now it will be possible to go for the apk file and then click on it and choose “Install Install”, then it would be possible to use it.

Important Note: can be installed the apk file on your phone directly from the personal computer using the orders tool adb which comes as part of a development package software your Android Android-SDK, which we’ll come on to mention in a separate article being requires a lengthy explanation.

Download apk file and install it from the phone directly

It will be possible to also download the apk file and install it from the phone, this option also requires you enable the download from unknown sources that we described previous. Steps the download and install is very simple:

  • Download the apk file from the reliable sources
  • Make sure you enable download from unknown sources
  • Click on the file after downloading and select “Install Install”

Important note: the previous word is true for anyone who relies on a version of Android older than Android 8.0, except that Google has disable the conversion of unknown sources which are no longer available within the settings of your phone, it will appear on the form of a warning message every time the user wants to convert from an external source or an unknown. We talk in detail about this feature in an earlier article on the site: click here.

How Can I get APK files to?

Here there will be several ways we’ll be mentioned in order to use the apk files of apps:

  • Stores the conversion of foreign

There are a lot of online stores that include the feature to load apk files are external, in this area, the location of the APK Mirror is the best where reliability is high and applications from any malicious software, as well as rapid modernization and will continue to upload apk files new and immediately available, whether for new applications or to copy the pilot applications. Also, it can be said that the location of the APK Pure of trusted sites in relation to the analysis of the apk files are external.

  • Extract apk files from Play Store

Provide many of websites on the Internet the possibility of using the apk package of an application, through the use of the Association only. A site like evozi that allows implementation of this process very easily.

How Can I see the content of the file the APK?

  • On the personal computer

As we said earlier, the apk file is a compressed package, so it can be handled similar to files CD-ROM format .zip, and through changing its suffix from .apk to .zip it will be possible to open it using any editor zip files, like WinZip or 7Zip.

  • On your smartphone

There are a lot of apps that allow the use of content files apk for free and without need to obtain root privileges (root the Root), the application APK Extractor is one of the most popular applications in this field available on the Play Store: Click here , or you can download it externally from the site APK Mirror: Click here.

Other notes

Are there other things we haven’t mentioned in the article relate to files apk how to deal with? What is it? Share with us your experience in the comments.



Source: everything you wanted to know about APK files and how to use it on Android phones

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