Everything you wanted to know about Apple earbuds 2

Has recently spread many rumors about the intention of Apple’s advertising from the Eros 2 later this year, while The indicate a lot of expectations to borrow our materials, let’s get to know the most important details of the third generation of wireless headsets next.

Specifications and features

Start your expectations with the specifications for the Apple earbuds 2 with the declaration of one analyst recently the intention of the Apple supplied headset its characteristics is water-resistant and noise add to the possibility of application of Siri at any time by the word custom, with updated segment W1 in irons current to see the capabilities of the Bluetooth connection 5.0 the top cross bar of the W2, which is used in the Apple Watch S4, where the calculated battery consumption.

Add to all of that, it will work to improve the quality of the music with the increase of the strength of various sound frequencies, but without a forecast change in the design that needs to be matched to the thickness of the current.

New color

Probably to tell Apple TV to listen to the wishes of her lovers finally by adding a copy with a black color of the Eros 2, with the probability of the existence of schools is authorized with stabilizers to make her not fall off easily.

The price and launch date

Given the existence of many improvements, it is likely to see a rise in price as much as the$ 40 (SAR 150) in order to become a price of 200$ (750 SAR) almost according to the latest forecasts, but this will also put seed current at a cheaper price also, with a probability that comes to Irons 2 without changing the price of 160$ (600 SAR).

This is with regard to the launch date, we find that most forecasts indicate for the next few months, but due to the fact that the Apple TV will be a special event in March to reveal some of the new products expected his residence on March 25, we’ll probably see in a timely manner.

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