Everything you wanted to know about Province of Google and of the American for Huawei

Signed Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States of America on an executive order the inclusion of the Chinese company Huawei in the Black List, and block all US companies of the handle use of the network calls the fifth generation for several reasons, including the belief of American authorities that Huawei are spying for the Chinese government and their danger to national security.

The problem of the Chinese company Huawei with the United States government is not in the moment, which is extended since 2010 to 2012, especially in the time that expansion in the Chinese company and controlling stakes high market and rival the American companies in different markets and areas, including the markets of smart phones and telecommunications, and in this article we will review with you the timeline of the draft Huawei with the United States government.

The beginning of the story ..

Over the last few years, the successful Chinese company Huawei in its business, including various in the market of smart phones and telecommunications in many countries around the world, and its strategy to the smartphone market to compete with big companies to launch smart phones a leader contributed to the progress of the company as the third largest maker of smart phones around the world after Samsung and apple of America, and through sales of their premium in various countries of the world except for the United States of America that did not enter her yet.

Huawei tried to enter the United States market through discussions with telecommunications companies such as Verizon and AT&T, which fell abruptly in conjunction with the appearance of reports and official memorandums from the US security authorities indicate the presence of malware in Huawei devices spying on users and sending data to external servers the location of China for Chinese government.

These challenges were endorsed by the Congress of the American that began in January of 2018 to move the actual against Huawei, where he issued an official memorandum gives telecommunications companies of America including AT&T from dealing with Huawei and ZTE Corporation and stop a potential deal between Huawei and AT&T to sell Huawei phones in the United States of America due to security concerns.

The equipment of the fifth generation and a lawsuit from Huawei against America

Enter the New Year 2019, the authorities stepped up U.S. restrictions against Chinese company Huawei, preventing American companies from using its equipment to develop infrastructure networks of the fifth generation, in addition to seeking the invalidation of contracts Huawei with telecommunications companies to develop networks of the fifth generation in European countries due to the risk of an American of the control of Huawei telecom network in the states where American military bases, while said Huawei to Congress and the American Security other have failed repeatedly to provide any proof or evidence confirming their claims on trade supports the decision to prevent American companies from dealing with them.

Huawei filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government in the court of Texas, indicating that the organization is not legally, and competition which leads to hit the US consumer in the end.

The Prohibition of Huawei fully and prevent American companies from dealing with them

The authorities have introduced American company Huawei in the Black List, what means the Prevention of All American companies from dealing with companies including technical of and Intel and Qualcomm and others, telecommunications companies and various companies in other areas, which will lead to the affected by the Chinese company certainly.

Huawei of the largest companies in the smartphone market, prohibition in America would be good for her ability to take advantage of the Android system, a subsidiary of Google America, this is the biggest problem facing Huawei now, where losing it to Android, you will lose most users, if not all of them.

Google announced through the official account of the Android Twitter and that the ban applies to the smart phones of the future, not the present. Any including that Huawei got the necessary licensing for the identity of the target before the ban, they will work naturally with all the services and you will continue to get support from Google, including security updates and services, while future phones that will launch by the end of the year or next year, it is not yet known fully put, but it won’t benefit from Android system completely.

Huawei said in the largest of areas, it succeeded in developing its own operating system for smart phones in addition to the development of a special system of computers rather than for Windows. But you are already able to use these systems and the Android platform in the future? Definitely not.

Emerge running new the smartphone market is a tough process, and in Windows iPhone actor best example. So the system needs to trust the consumer first, in addition to the confidence of application developers, it is impossible the success of any operating system without the support of all of the app developers and the third party, in addition to the lack of application of corporate American in a store Huawei, WhatsApp, Twitter, instead, Google Chrome and more, all the apps American.

In addition, Huawei is bad in software,

So, what are the solutions available to Huawei?

Reconciliation with the US authorities, just like the interests of ZTE, which paid more than a million dollars to lift the U.S. ban them.

The phones currently available have users, which will launch in the next few will continue to obtain after-sales service such as updates to security, but they will not use major updates to the Android system which is the advantage of going to miss the users of Huawei, who will move to the use of phones competing companies that offer them these features, and therefore the loss of Huawei and its companies such as Onur.

Summary the problem of Huawei:

– You will have the ability to get licenses Android systems in the future.
– Do partnerships with US companies cases to develop their application to fit with Huawei phones.
– Will not enter the US market never.

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