Everything you wanted to know about stop the development of the telephone the founder of Android and sell his company

Company seal, which was founded by the designer of the Android platform Andy Rubin canceled the process of developing her smart phone next looking for a buyer according to a Bloomberg report.

The report stated that the company has received attention from a buyer prospective at least, based on an anonymous source told journalists, mark Gorman and Alex barin Lanka.

Founded Asia with a budget of $ 300 million, and spent a third of it in the development of her phone first. Now almost valued the Company $ 1 billion in the markets, as Pitchnook. With this being a three-year-old only.

And Asia has launched its smartphone PH-1 In August of last year, the phone was a distinctive design and specifications, but to delay shipments after Frequent adjournments for the official launch and cruel competition from Apple and Samsung parking led to poor sales, and even reduced the price of the phone $ 200 in October last did not refuse the request, as I don’t want.

Report Bloomberg reported that the company sold 150,000 units of its phone first even of the day, was preparing to launch a second phone, but she canceled her plans and turned the staff to work on the middle of my house smart.

Focused discussions of the current on the sale of the entire company, joint patents, products and devices such as the smartphone, and the device is smart home the next, and the camera of the phone, it is likely that engineers are not recruited from Apple have within the page also, but the police did not take the decision to sell after, so consult with Credit Suisse Group in the decision of the house.

Remains the company’s website knows about the 36 posts vacant roles such as engineers and accountants.

In a tweet to Andy Rubin said “We styled all of our efforts on products House of the future will tip the scales, which ensures the products to answer of his home”.

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