Everything you wanted to know about the Android System. Android Go

A few years ago, Google says that their new services are coming from countries such as India, so the company decided to work initiative to reach out to this segment of users by launching alternatives light of their software, due to poor internet in these developing countries. The company allocated the entire team to design products and solutions to the Indian market, bet the most ambitious is the Android system rules, a light version of the Android System Platform, so that it uses the new system on phones medium specifications and budget to provide the best and latest representative of users in India who have often phones medium specifications running versions older than Android.

Android Forces is no different from Android basic

Uses Android rules the same foundations and rules of the basic version of the Android system, but with the differences mainly in the rate of consumption of hardware resources and data management integrated system-level whole.

The product supports the same applications

The Android system forces have been primarily designed to work on phones that carry the RAM less than 1 gigabytes of address space, so it launched Google versions light of their applications designed specifically for this system, to the user experience similar to the experience of using the Android platform. There are keyboard application Gboard, which was launched as a light for the system with the same features of the Statute, case automatic, voice typing, multiple language support, emoji and animation, the same applies to Google Maps, the value of the file and more applications, it also feature “save data” enabled by default in the Chrome browser. Files is Manager Storage the New of, which is wonderful and does a great job in this system to remove old files and clean the cache memory of the device, it also comes with a feature that enables users to send and receive files easily.

Qualcomm MediaTek supported Android rules

Announced today that the Qualcomm MediaTek launched the special products Phones low, medium and specifications to be suitable for phones operating system Android rules, where said MediaTek to processors MT6739 and MT6737 and MT6580 are special phones Android rules, so that the Processor MT6580 especially for the second generation, while MT6739 and MT6737 phones supporting the fourth generation.

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