Everything you wanted to know about the group of Pixel 3 of the Google

This topic is everything you wanted to know about the group of Pixel 3 from Google appeared on Engadget.

After months of leaks many, the company revealed Google officially set Pixel 3, which includes my phone Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Similar to phones, just like what we saw in the leaked images, and contain a lot of diverse features which we’ll talk about them in detail.

Everything you want to know about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL

Slice the Titan M

Enjoy my phone Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL a lot of the internal operations, and are considered the partner of Titan M new, secure one of them.

Think slice the Titan M completely new, designed for one purpose is to maintain safe Pixel 3, and in publications has been published on the website of Android Developers, the Google talked in detail about how to Titan M.

If this chip is a security unit was set up by Google itself, it works to protect my phone Pixel 3 and 3 XL of all kinds of potential threats. Since Titan M part of the technological material, they will help in the protection against vulnerabilities that affect all devices like Spectre and Meltdown and Rowhammer.

Technically, reveal slice the Titan M for many shift registers, which can be used to integrate access to the configuration settings of the slides and peripherals. Once triggered, move the Titan M of the signature of the firmware based on the flash using the key integrated in the slide. If the signature is valid, it will lock the flash can’t even modify it, and then starts the firmware.

With this slide, Google hopes to achieve transparency and to build a platform for innovation in the future.

And allow us to custom hardware to provide features and capabilities and performance of a new plug-in ready-made, and these changes increase the use cases certainly such as authentication and verification in the medical devices payments for P2P and other.

Screen OLED from Samsung


While he was used to a screen so bad with the group of Pixel 2 in the past year, however, Google decided to change that with a range of Pixel 3.

Enjoy the screen Pixel 3 larger brightness and brightness of the best, as they are characterized by get rid of the problem of the color conversion blue energy and break through the screen located on the Pixel 2, due to the OLED screen from Samsung.

In the past year, has been manufacturing the OLED display of the Pixel 2 by LG, but according to iFixit, it has been disclosed OLED screen made by Samsung with the Pixel 3.


Similar to the specification of the Pixel 3 Pixel 2 to a large extent, where has my device Pixel 3 and 3 XL on random memory capacity of 4 GB internal memory with a capacity of 64 GB with a processor Snapdragon 845 instead of the Snapdragon 835.

For the company, it has got screen phone Pixel 3 XL on the top of the assessment of the platform DisplayMate among many devices.

It is interesting that the group of Pixel 3 is available in black, white and pink.

Over the past two years, Google’s use of the combination of aluminum and glass on the back of its phones. In this year, come set Pixel 3 to the structure of the glass full.

There’s still a fingerprint sensor on the upper part of the back of the device, it is worth mentioning that Google has merged the technique of Qi for wireless charging, in addition to selling accessory wireless charging the new “Pixel Stand” which will be my device Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

As for cameras, Google has added a shooting experience better with the set Pixel 3, where the bring some improvements with the front camera of the second, you can now have access to many regular and clear all your personal photos, this is in addition to portrait. How to integrate Google also algorithm to remove any distortion caused by wide lens.

Other changes include the following:

  • HDR+ is faster by 40%.
  • To improve the detail retention during zoom in and zoom out.
  • Put a Night Sight, which works to improve low-light shots.
  • Put the Top Shot, which captures multiple frames before and after picture, then it is suggested to the export alternative compared to what met him already.
  • Create a technology Google Lens also in the application of the camera in Pixel 3, which operates automatically when the discover something.

Of course, the work group Pixel 3 via the operating system Android 9 Pie which adds many of the features and gestures of the new development and quick settings etc.

It also provides a set Pixel 3 the number of new programs, including the full version of Digital Wellbeing, in addition to the updated user interface slightly to develop the camera.

There is also a new feature to examine calls which allow you to send the caller to the system requesting them to provide information about his identity and the reason for his call.


This topic is everything you wanted to know about the group of Pixel 3 from Google appeared on Engadget.

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