Everything you wanted to know about the Internet of things

Everything you wanted to know about the Internet of things

The term Internet of things or what is known simply as (IoT) to the billions of physical devices in all over the world, linked to the internet, where you constantly collect information and share it.
Thanks to the low prices of processors and the proliferation of wireless networks, it’s now possible to turn anything (starting from the pill to the space rocket) to a part of the Internet of things.

This added a new level of digital intelligence to those devices, where they can communicate without the need for human intervention. Thus fulfilling the dream with the integration of the worlds of digital and physicist in one world: (IoT)!


You are limited Internet of things on electronic devices?

In fact –as stated above – part of the things included everything: the value which can be run using the application on your smartphone is one of devices (IoT), a lamppost in the street .. a game your child .. the truck that operated without driver .. but it came to the construction of smart cities arrange the sensors in all the facilities, help us to understand the environment and to control it.


Can we consider the computer and the smartphone from within (Internet of things)?

This is an important question to understand the meaning of the Internet of things.
In general, uses the term Internet of things essentially in the devices, which are not expected to have a connection to the internet, which can communicate independently of human intervention: such as a smart watch – strap fit your waist. machine to clean the dishes … etc ..


When was the term Internet of things?

The idea of adding sensors to devices normal throughout the period of the eighties and nineties, despite the presence of some of the projects that applied the idea (such as a vending machine connected to the internet), only to the development of the idea was slow, because the technology was not sophisticated back then.

The first use of the term (Internet of things) is leading work in the field of technology, British citizen named Kevin Ashton, 1999. The Secretariat was seen to be premature, where it took a decade until he entered his idea into the app.

It was the first application of the idea is to add RFID chips (or RFID) to the heavy and expensive equipment to track their location. Continued cost of adding chip and the Internet to devices in the fall, where experts predict that the chip that says a particular function not related to its cost of 10 cents, which made it possible to connect almost everything to Internet.


What is the prevalence of the Internet of things?

According to the foundation, Gartner research the global, it has reached the number of iot devices by 2017, to 8.4 million devices, an increase of 31% for 2016, is likely to up this figure to 20.4 million devices by 2020.

As for the size of the spending –according to a report by Gartner – has reached $ 2 trillion over the past year, noting that 65% of those devices exist in China and North America and Western Europe.


With this size of expenditure and deployment, you must be wondering: how can all companies and individuals from the Internet of things?

To answer this question, we must ask ourselves: what seek companies within their marketing plans?

And the answer you receive in the They are looking for more data about its products and use its customers don’t, to have this greater ability to make changes in its products the availability of that use or development.

This is what the Internet of things industrial beyond all means of traditional marketing, and I’ve never paid attention to him before! Not a crash.

Works manufacturers are adding sensors to the components of their new product, and this is what can help them in determining the time of failure of the product on and off before the crash.
On the other hand, companies and factories also use the data generated by the sensors that make their supply chains more efficient, because it is in possession of more accurate data on the number of devices sold – used – and those that are damaged or about to be used.

With regard to ordinary users –like you and me – has made the Internet of things our life easier.
For example, organizations can smart thermostats in our homes to run water heaters before our arrival, and lamps smart to make it seem as if we were at home when we’re actually outside it, and on the frequency band, The headset can smart like the Google Home to facilitate the running of our music favorites to find information about her.

Can Internet of things to save our souls! By assisting the elderly in their homes to communicate with family and service providers care at the appropriate time.


كل ما تريد معرفته عن انترنت الأشياء


But is the Internet of things safe?

In fact, security is one of the biggest problems in the Internet of things. This is obvious, faster -which is a fundamental pillar in the work of the Internet of things – work on the collection of sensitive information about, and can it comes to storage, what you say and do inside your home. Unfortunately, record Internet of things security stained with shame even now, many devices do not give any measure of the importance of the fundamentals of security such as data encryption during data transfer in case comfort.

Aimed at inventors now devices Internet of things devices such as GPS and webcams, because of its lack of security makes data easy version. Where the researchers found that there are at least 100 thousand webcam easy penetration, while the was found hours clever children (-18 years old) connected to the internet contain security flaws allow hackers to track The location of its holder, tapping calls, and even communicate with him!

It will only get worse the greater the proliferation of devices the Internet of things.

It is not limited to the scope of household appliances, with keratoconjunctivitis Internet of things the gap between the digital world and the physical world, there is a real risk in our real world! Can to penetrate the smart devices in the power plants that serve their owners drives them to make decisions is a disaster, the control of the driverless car which had belonged to the unfortunate incidents.


The privacy of the Internet of things

Perhaps it is the development of system safety devices, the Internet of things, but what about privacy?
What about the companies figure out for you wake up (through the activation of a coffee machine smart) or your favorite radio station (through headphones smart) … the type of food you prefer (through the smart fridge) … etc?

On one hand, such details can assist in making your life easier: like send Swiss intelligent letter to a restaurant near you to send some ready-made meals, since it is connected with your phone who to invite through your friend for dinner.
But what if the matter went to “sell” this data to companies that can’t drown you advertising?



Internet of things -as any new technology – no disadvantages and it. We will need for some time –as consumers – before knowing if it will become one of the basics of life (as Digg does), or it will change a breakthrough new for our Privacy.




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