Everything you wanted to know about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro

In the hands of those who are not bound by any obligations to Apple, 16-inch MacBook Pro was supposed to hit early tomorrow. Nevertheless, only don’t tell anyone, unknown to me the number ordered this MacBook Pro as soon as it appeared in the online store, it had already received. Among them was one of my friends, a former employee of the QuickTime group at Apple from him I learned that miracles still happen.

The new MacBook Pro is the laptop for professionals

Delivery MacBook Pro 16 in several English-speaking countries will begin tomorrow, Friday, November 15. Simultaneously with the start of sales of the new MacBook Pro from a retail Apple Store, which in these countries a hundred and fifty. Will there be someone to buy? Will not reveal if any had escaped the attention of its creators is a problem that will negate all his positive qualities? But today I would like to focus on the technical details. For those that known from the beginning.

Also, I would like to correct some new in the previous article, a typo: MacBook Pro with 16-inch screen, if you select in the Configurator are the most expensive option, not worth 5 $ 299, and as many as 6 099. This portable monster of 2 kg, with the Intel 2.4 GHz Core i9 (i9-9950HK), 64 Gigabytes of RAM, 8 Terabytes of SSD and AMD Radeon 5500М Pro with 8 gigs of GDDR6. Only 101 dollar more expensive than the Apple Pro XDR Display with nano-structured glass and unique stand in the kit. The comparison is fair, against the maximum configuration the maximum configuration. MBP 16 in maximum configuration $ 100 more expensive Decembrist Mac Pro at a minimum. It’s in the prices excluding taxes and fees. In rubles, including all taxes, the ratio will remain, but the amount would be appalling.

Processors 16-inch MacBook Pro

16-inch retina MacBook Pro use exactly the same processorsas in the 15-inch six months ago. Coffee Lake is a Refresh of the ninth generation of the great Core microarchitecture. For the past six months, Intel’s new processors for this class of laptops were not allowed. So before you accuse the author of ignorance “Mat-parts,” see for yourself what is true. In the section “Central and graphics processors MBP15 2019” in the description may 15-inch MacBook Pro, for example. Constantly mentioned in the media “new processor”, “processors, the 9th generation of processors instead of 8-th” – error.

All three versions of CPUs used 16-inch MacBook Pro manufactured in 14 nm technology “second generation”, and this is still the best processors for powerful professional (gaming) laptops in the world. They all support Hyperthreading, that is, for the operating system they are twice more cores than it actually is:

  • 6-core Intel Core i7 2.6 GHz (i9-9750H), cache in the third level 12 MB, with a maximum clock frequency in Turbo mode to 4.5 GHz;
  • 8-core Intel 2.3 GHz Core i9 (i9-9850H), cache in the third level of 16 Megabytes and a maximum clock frequency of Turbo Boost at 4.8 GHz;
  • 8-core Intel 2.4 GHz Core i9 (i9-9950HK), cache in the third level of 16 Megabytes and a maximum clock frequency of 5.0 GHz.

16-inch MacBook Pro is the same modification of the embedded GPU from Intel (Intel UHD Graphics 630) and two GPUs from AMD, for one of them in the Configurator you can select the size of video memory. UHD Graphics Intel 630 using 1.5 GB of total RAM and above, it is exactly the same as in the may the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

  • AMD Radeon Pro 5300M, with 4 gigs of GDDR6;
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M, with 4 or 8 gigs of GDDR6.

The ventilation system 16-inch MacBook Pro

Due to drastically redesigned the ventilation system, long-term peak load of the processors will be able to work longer at full capacity. One of the troubles may 15-inch MacBook Pro, the throttling cycles have been associated with overheating of the CPU. Processor frequency is automatically reduced, which negatively affected performance. Media sweet nightmare Apple and its MacBook Pro, and sick keyboard “butterfly”. Apple engineers tried to resolve this issue in MBP may change the CPU settings – but seriously to improve the situation failed. Will they be able to defeat the throttling now is unknown, but if there was reason to hope for it, most likely they would not have to think about it. And the looks of the new cooling system like this:

How does the cooling system in the new MacBook Pro

How much is a new MacBook Pro

Physical Escape back

All prices are displayed in dollars – basic, excluding taxes and fees. Even within the U.S. taxes and fees in the different regions varies substantially. Prices listed in rubles, include all taxes and fees, this is the amount that will be paid by the buyer. From the ruble so far known only two basic configurations, 199 990 ₽ 232 990 ₽. All configurations use the same type of RAM, DDR4 with 2 666 MHz (in may MacBook Pro 15 used DDR4 with 2 400 MHz), the maximum size of RAM is 64 GB. Maximum HDD capacity – 8 Terabytes, which is twice more than the maximum amount of SSD in MacBook Pro may 15).

In the basic configuration for 199 990 ₽ (2 $ 399) – Intel Core i7 2.6 GHz (i9-9750H), 16 Gigabytes of RAM and 512 GB SSD. Graphics processor – AMD Radeon Pro 5300M with 4 gigs of GDDR6. The extra $ 300 you can choose the most productive in the world processor for laptop, Intel 2.4 GHz Core i9 (i9-9950HK). Instead of the basic 16 GB of RAM, you can choose 32 GB (for $ 400) or 64GB ($800). The range of available volumes wider SSD: 512 GB can be replaced by 1 TB ($200), 2 TB ($600), 4 TB (1 $ 200) or 8 TB (over $ 2,400). The GPU can be replaced on the AMD Radeon 5500M or Pro with 4GB of GDDR6 ($100) or 8GB GDDR6 (for $ 200). If you choose the most expensive option, will 6 099 dollars. Check.

To order a new MacBook Pro while it is impossible

In the old days (which is still not fully completed) from which the initial configuration the buyer started to adapt it to your needs and capabilities depended on the set of available options. Now I’ll show you a trick: in the initial base configuration for the 232 990 ₽ (2 799 dollars) – 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and AMD Radeon 5500M Pro with 4GB of GDDR6. Upgrades of RAM are the same (up to 32 and 64 GB) for the same 400 and $ 800 in a cheaper configuration. The increase SSD starts “with the following numbers) – available in 2TB ($400), 4 TB ($1 000) and 8 TB ($2,200). Replace AMD Radeon Pro 5500M on the other GPU is impossible, but instead of 4GB of GDDR6 you can install 8GB GDDR6 (for $ 100). Selecting the maximum option, we get a total of those 6 099 dollars. However this is not the focus, you’ve probably already understood.

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