Everything you wanted to know about the processor hacks A13 Bionic new

Ended the conference of the Apple and began our journey into scrutiny and detailing all that has been advertised, and if you ask me personally I’ll tell you what won my admiration in the conference is camera technologies the new this first, the second, and no doubt it is the new generation of processor, A Bionic Apple so that during the conference he told us Sammy quipped: Apple embarrassed by all the companies with new product it is my opinion I have the whole goes for companies like Qualcomm, which specialize in processors and slide.

Back to talk about the new processor we see that sites a great technique have described it that Apple compete with itself only at the rate of products A and at the beginning of A12 Bionic in particular, and the fun facts is that the Wizard A12 which was launched last year, still beats the Snapdragon processor 855 of Qualcomm, a processor flagship from the company this year and in the Android devices leading. Anyway, let us from all this and start in “is” the new processor:

معالج Apple A13 Bionic

معالج Apple A13 Bionic

Performance processor Apple A13 Bionic located in the iPhone 11

The findings of this year’s Apple is to accomplish clear, especially if we take to its evolution in processors, precision components are inherently slow, the new processor A13 Bionic will iPhone 11 to stay modern and able to run everything and anything for years is very long which is located in favor of all of the will think in buying one of the new phones, especially if I knew that the performance of the A13 Bionic equal to twice the processor performance such as SD 845, which was the processor of the flagship 2018 in Android phones!

The most important features and specifications in the processor A13 Bionic

In the following we get away from long paragraphs and attach them at the points of the most important specifications and features relating to the new product which was announced at the conference:

1. the new processor will have 8.5 billion transistors.

2. the processor works core 7 nm of the second generation.

3. come up processor four cores to energy-saving which operate continuously and by processing simple tasks to reduce the battery consumption.

4. consume very little energy which is the wizard the least energy-consuming in the offline world where it is better than the previous generation A12 up to 20%.

5. the increase in processing power central processing power and graphical CPU/GPU by 20%.

6. support techniques of machine learning including up to 1 trillion operations per second!

معالج Apple A13 Bionic

معالج Apple A13 Bionic

Important note: the word “wizard” is a term of the areas of simplification while A13 Bionic is a Chip called SoC–System on a Chip because it includes the central processor CPU and Universal GPU sometimes include other systems such as to ensure the product to perform the function or provide support for the operations contact.

Energy saving in the processor A13 Bionic

If you have noticed the focus the largest in the new processor as on the provision of energy or the consumption at least of the battery and helps the wizard -or the slide, as stated before – this is that they come accurately to the manufacture of 7 nm of the third generation and the most important what Apple has added to this architecture is that they have added 4 cores to manage the normal everyday tasks without launching the full power of the processor.

It is also possible in terms of the geometry of this processor is that it is possible to tell Apple to allocate certain parts of the slide for the process of specific this in itself will allow the use of hundreds of ranges voltage Voltage Domains in order to reach the highest effectiveness possible.

Bottom line: the new processor will have these improvements:

• The cores the core gets to top speed by 20% and reduced power consumption by 30% compared with the previous generation.
• Nucleoli additional four will be 20% faster and consumes less power by 40%.
• The Neural Engine will have eight cores and will be faster by 20% less consumption of energy by 15%.

معالج Apple A13 Bionic

معالج Apple A13 Bionic

The techniques of machine learning in the new processor

Reported -or claimed – Apple at the conference that the processor A13 is the best processor on any platform in the world in terms of using techniques of machine learning Machine Learning because he possessed the accelerator of its own separate within the slide which will allow the phone to perform tasks machine learning the most common which you know بـMatrix Multiplication six times faster this along with Quest operations, which provides that up to trillion science, as stated before.

أهم مميزات معالج Apple A13 Bionic الجديد في آي-فون 11

أهم مميزات معالج Apple A13 Bionic الجديد في آي-فون 11

What do you think? One of the followers on our Facebook page the processor description it’s like a Porsche going in the narrow street limits of his speed is 4 km/h! Do you agree with him? It’s true you may not take Car of Porsche -or Porsche – in a narrow street limited speed, but it is bound to fail you on the highway!



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