Everything you wanted to know about the service, “watts August” associated with e-payment

A new feature in the application of instant messaging “WhatsApp”, an electronic payment service via the app. Which is tested empirically with partners, facebook, the owners of Inquiry, the bankers, after launch the application “WhatsApp business” that is likely to develop this service.

1 – Date of availability of the payment service via WhatsApp

Of Merry the launch of the service next month, according to the newspaper “Economic Times”, to be made available to users late next February.

2 – WhatsApp is not just a payment intermediary

Won’t say the app without الوسيطK platform payments (UPI) built-in app, and thus app will be able to identify the sender and the addressee as well as their bank account associated with the service, thanks to its partnership with the Bank of your scheduled service.

3 – payments platform (UPI) the most popular

Won platform UPI payments on the widely popular and growing rapidly over the past few months, the total number of conversions across its 145 million, during the month of December last.

4 – privacy and security

Happened to security reviews a lot before the integration platform UPI in the application, to facilitate secure payment through the app and keep the sensitive data of the users Bank.

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