Evil does not sleep: the leap Bitcoin exchange rate triggered a rise in Scam activity

After the recent increase in the price of Bitcoin number of incidents of deception of users of the cryptocurrency is breaking all records this year. The rise of the chief digital asset returned him to share the popularity of the former, with which in the industry there was quite a lot of newbie investors. They, according to the research Department Binance, can become the main victims of hacker attacks.

How not to fall for the bait scams

One of the most popular tactics attackers — replacement SIM card of the victim. Apply the skills of social engineering: Scam, pretending to be a normal user, assures the mobile operator to issue a new SIM card number because supposedly lost.

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Cryptovision Michael Turpin once fell for this trick. Hackers were able to get his phone number and gain access to coins with a total value of more than $ 20 million.

Once the criminals gain control of your phone number, they can use it to bypass two-factor authentication. Without 2FA is pretty easy to seize cryptocephalinae on the exchanges.

Recently Andreas Antonopoulos also expressed concern about the rising number of Scam.

I bring to your knowledge: ICO IEO, “marketing influencer”, advisors and e-mail newsletter again flooded the industry. People offer me (and many others) from 25 to 250 thousand dollars for the promotion, tweets, and so on. I always say no, some say Yes. Have benches coming. Be careful.

Again, any suggestions to double your fortune within seconds effortlessly in 99.9 percent of cases are obvious fraud. Don’t become a victim of the financial pyramid schemes or market manipulation.

If you have any doubts regarding projects in the industry, share them with subscribers to our cryptodata of hontarov. They will always help to calculate the Scam.


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