“Evolving smart phones” continue to launch in the Egyptian market with the new

Apply Company Realty Realme of China and specialized in the smart phone industry in the Middle East and North Africa through the Egyptian market in the month of January 2019 to launch a number of smart phone youth-oriented, given that the Egyptian market is one of the leading markets in the field of smart phones.

Targeting phones relock my Realme users who focus on strong performance and modern design in conjunction with the latest technology in the smart phone industry.

And help the company to achieve a breakthrough in the Egyptian market by offering a distinguished collection of the versions of smart phones whether in features or price, where you will find the community versions of phones between quality, elegance and sophistication of the technology and prices varied with the different categories of users of the network, where feature phones with the performance of modern design and affordable prices.

Set off a company brand Realty Realme of smart phones in China officially on May 4, 2018 by the “sky to me,” company founder and former vice president of buy the Oppo for OPPO, to include a range of the best expertise, global network and specialized in the smart phone industry.

In the framework of the company’s drive to achieve outstanding start in Egypt, it selected a distinguished group of cadres, the youth successful in this area, where the company chose Andrew Noble, director of public relations and spokesman of the company in Egypt, which took a number of leadership positions, most notably as the former director of communications and public relations company Oppo OPPO in Africa and the Middle East.

Spread out phones 1 Realme widely after its launch in the Indian market in the month of May, due to the strength of the phone and Outstanding Performance, modern design, as the company last September launched the phone Realme 2 وRealme 2 Pro وRealme C1, and occupied the phones of evolving Realme second place in monthly sales to trade smart phones online in India.

Achieved phones relock my Realme a great success and widespread in 6 of the most powerful global markets, most notably India and Southeast Asia market, to help to enter the Middle East through the Egyptian market with the specifications of the pioneer and the price is suitable to suit purchasing power of the network.

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