Excel application on Android now supports the inclusion of schedule data from the image

تطبيق إكسل على أندرويد يدعم الآن إدراج جدول بيانات من صورة

The day before yesterday launched the conference of the Ignite annual to Microsoft, holder of the beginning of many of the news related to the services and products of the company, will continue the conference until 28 September, also bore the conference a number of ads for products directed primarily to customers of information technology companies, however there are some updates that interest collectors of mobile phones, specifically the new feature I got on the Excel application “Excel” on Android only.

These feature the name of the “Insert Data from the Picture”, and it is exactly as the name suggests, is where you will insert the table data of the image, in other words will give the app the possibility to take a picture the schedule of data drawn by hand or printed, and convert it directly to a spreadsheet within the app, as well as access the application on some of the potential of artificial intelligence, including new data types, and create visuals more easily such as maps.

تطبيق إكسل على أندرويد يدعم الآن إدراج جدول بيانات من صورة

Finally this update is available now in a preview version, will be officially for all users during the next few days or weeks, we Badr us, we’ll be materials, there will be more Conference news being he’ll be out in a few days.

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