Excel application on the iPhone allows you to capture the image of the spreadsheet, import

تطبيق Excel على آيفون يُتيح لك التقاط صورة لجدول بيانات واستيرادها

Microsoft has today updated its application the Excel “Excel” on the iPhone, and created the update with a new way to import spreadsheets into the application using the camera, in other words to capture the table data printed via the camera and import it directly to the inquiry in order to accelerate it, on the other hand, this feature we saw for the first time at excel in Android and specifically in the march past.

As noted earlier, will provide this new feature for users of Excel to capture the image of the spreadsheet printed and loaded to a table is fully editable in the app, you will be able to import and continue to edit it on excel either on Windows or Mac.

Here the company uses artificial intelligence with the technology of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) combined with machine learning models to analyze data paper to the table, where the app will recognize automatically schedules financial statements and schedules of the work to-do lists, timetables and other tables.

Finally, perhaps this feature is the most impressive between applications Microsoft Office Mobile, which in turn will continue all the time and effort in writing and drawing tables, which are described by many as complex and drains a lot of the time.

Download the update Microsoft Excel Of Here.

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