Exchange Coinbase has blocked the wallet of WikiLeaks. The company of Julian Assange called for a boycott of sites

In the beginning of the year members of the largest American stock exchange Coinbase was able to accrue an unlimited number of broadcast because of an error in the code of the marketplace. The fault is removed only after a month and the bills are happy users reset. Now the exchange has blocked the WikiLeaks wallet Shop, a division of the international organization of Julian Assange. This writes Bitcoinist.

The Problem Of WikiLeaks. Blame cryptocurrency exchange

WikiLeaks Shop has distributed t-shirts, caps, badges and other products with the logo of WikiLeaks. Proceeds from the sales go to the needs of the organization: staff salaries and research funding.

In a statement on Twitter saying that the reason for blocking was a violation of the rules of use of the site. What exactly was going on, the exchange is not explained. Coinbase representatives have not responded to the request.

WikiLeaks Shop accept payment in bitcoins, ethers, Bitcoin, Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Neo, Namecoin, Vertcoin, Monero and zcash for. In response to the actions of the trading platforms, the organization called upon to make a “worldwide boycott” of the exchange.

We encourage you to give the world a blockade of Coinbase, which proved to be not a respectable member of the crypto community. The decision to block our wallet has been approved by the exchange’s management, which operated under covert outside influence.

As the newspaper notes, the absence of explanations from the Coinbase looks really weird. Well-known member of the crypto community Andreas Antonopoulos on the page said that the exchange follows in the footsteps of PayPall and Visa, who had previously closed the purses of the organization at the request of the American government.

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