Exchange Coinbase has launched two apps for beginners. What are they?

American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has introduced several new services for novice investors. In particular, they allow to invest directly in a number of popular coins, writes TechCrunch.

Action traders — a big problem for the market. They are often the victim of fraud, investing in sidoni, or panic withdrawals in the fall of the coins. A little bit about barriers to entry — many novice investors are investing large sums of money in an unknown industry and very afraid to lose them.

How to start trading cryptocurrency

Coinbase in your service Bundle offers to invest only in proven digital assets, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum Cash Classic. The minimum investment is $ 25.

The app acts as a kind of aggregator of wallet — users do not need to have a separate for each coin. This approach will simplify the manufacturing and allows beginners to quickly understand the really important issues, rather than trying to register and configure the wallet, the company said.

The second service, Coinbase Asset Pages, is an educational platform. It shows the 50 largest capitalization of cryptocurrencies, as well as the dynamics of their growth or decline. The service provides links to proven teaching materials for cryptotrading and the basics of digital money.

Perhaps the launch of new services for beginners exchange is trying to attract new users. In June it became known that the number of clients trading platform fell with the cryptocurrency market.

From December 2017, when the rate of Bitcoin has reached 20 thousand dollars, Coinbase among the three most downloaded in the Finance category in the US. With the fall of the first cryptocurrency decreased and the rating of the application. Now it is on the fortieth place in the list.


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