Exchange WEX already assesses Bitcoin in 10 thousand dollars. Why the coins cannot be withdrawn?

Interesting and not entirely clear situation on the popular among Russian-speaking users of the cryptocurrency exchange WEX. Coins on WEX are valued significantly higher than on other exchanges, and the payment of the users of frozen. Of the exchange, according to CoinDesk, providing user comments WEX.

How to withdraw money from WEX

The problems began July 12. Exchange WEX, which became the successor to a closed BTC-e, was unable to cope with the processing of outgoing payments. Without difficulty displayed the least known altcoins in small quantities. Users had to use Namecoin, and Novacoin to escape from the stock exchange.

Curiously, at the time of the existence of problems exchange been evaluated by some cryptocurrencies are much higher than they were estimated at average in the market. For example, zcash for exchange was estimated at $ 440, and the price of Bitcoin has reached 10 thousand dollars. Users WEX appealed to the representatives of the stock exchange for an explanation, but couldn’t wait.

Problem WEX

July 12, WEX announced on Twitter about blocking of operations due to the migration of the database and other technical work. Later in the day it was announced that the technical work was completed, however, possible to popular coins was not until 22 July.

July 23 WEX customers were unable to withdraw their funds. Russian-speaking users of the exchange fell, with comments on Twitter to the administrators. Some of them began to actively discuss the situation in the Telegram. Presumably one of the chats was created by Dmitry Vasiliev, CEO of WEX. Person on his behalf said that he had transferred the management of the exchange to others. If the problem persists, he will be willing to reveal their identity.

Problems with the withdrawal on the exchange began only this month. For some time preserved the option to withdraw funds by special codes WEX. They are generated for users, who could use them to obtain funds to QIWI or Yandex.Money. Even now these exchangers had stopped taking codes for WEX.

It seems that with the exchanges need to be careful. Sure you can be in Cryptopia, a review of which is on the link.

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