Exciting information about the life of the richest man in the world and launch it Amazon

Jeff bezos CEO of Amazon and the richest rich history with a fortune of $ 150 million, rose to this place because of the marked expansion of empire and the Amazon until it became the world’s richest people last summer, however it wasn’t his life always easy.

Didn’t know that Mike bezos, who God is not his real father only at the age of 10 years, and when he asked his real Father in an interview to the book “The Everything Store” which consists of Amazon and Jeff bezos didn’t know who my son was.

From the age of 4 – 16 years, spent summers on a farm his grandparents had a fix windmills and castrated bulls.

Tell bezos one of his teachers a small that “the future of mankind is not on this planet” it has been the wish then to be a astronaut, but he now owns space exploration company blue find.

After a summer of stressful work at McDonald’s, he and his friend camping trip 10 days classmates the school at a cost of$ 600 per child, has succeeded in obtaining 6 subscriptions, and they brought in flight novels “the Lord of the Rings”.

He enrolled to Princeton University and graduated in Computer Science, after graduating refuse offers of employment from Intel Labs, it, to join the startup its name Fitel.

After his resignation from Fitel, the idea to enter into a partnership with the Halsey skylight -which was established later agency CNET media – to create a company specializing in the sending of news by fax machines, but joined investment D. E. Shaw to become Vice President during 4 years only.

Learn to dance before you married Mackenzie Tuttle, a colleague of His in the company D. E. Shaw in 1993, and became they have 4 children together.

In 1994 note that the internet grew at a rate of 2,300% during one year; the figure decided to take advantage somehow, prepare a list of 20 products to sell them online, so ended up choosing the books, so I resigned from the company to D. E. Shaw.

Thus began the Amazon, settled Jeff and his wife a plane to Texas to borrow his father’s car and then the leg to Seattle, and was aware of the forecast revenue in the passenger seat all the way.

Site launched Amazon.com from the garage, and held most meetings in the shop of Barnes & Noble in the neighborhood.

In the first weeks they were huddled on the sound of the bell after each purchase to check if the buyer knowledge to someone, but to change the system after it became the bell rings without stopping.

In the first month of launch it has sold Amazon’s books in 45 different countries, to its shares for public subscription in 1997.

During the internet bubble, named after the Amazon.bomb but the company has become one of the few survivors, and to rise in its shares after the collapse ones in the sale of all products.

He was Chairman of the bossy and loses his temper quickly in the early years, he even hired coaches to help him on command.

In 1998 Jeff was one of the early investors in Google with a share of $ 250 thousand that’s got to be worth 3.3 billion dollars when it introduced Google its IPO in 2004, and was to contain billion currently; but I don’t know if you still need Jeff to his share from Google, or sold after the IPO.

Bought in 2013 The Washington Post for $ 250 million, wrote blue find history in 2015 when it became one of the early commercial companies that successfully launched a rocket reusable.

His fondness for flying was almost killed when his plane crashed helicopters while exploring the website of one of the facilities tests all to buy Blu find.

In 2016, flew his plane to Germany to restore the Washington Post reporter who was in the custody of Iran.

Now after more than 20 years on the IPO, the value of Amazon’s market capitalization of more than $ 900 million, and expects Barclays to Amazon may be the first company to one trillion.

In 2017, has become the Jeff bezos of the world’s richest people is superior to Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, at the moment interval of more than $ 55 million.

And the secret of the success of his company, Jeff says that companies that do not adopt failure -avoiding business failure likely – will ultimately the decision of the desperate”.

Source: Business Insider

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