Exhale: the Huawei smartphones, you can install the Google services

In the view of most users of Android smartphone without Google services is a paradox worse than the shoemaker without shoes. To believe in their existence is really difficult, but only until, until you start to dive into the situation deeper and find out what this combination is completely optional, and Android with Google services can exist apart. In the Chinese reality — so sure. However, no one forbids you to take and in violation of all rules of setting service the search giant on Android smartphone like the Huawei Mate 30.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Despite the fact that Huawei has offered customers Huawei Mate Mate 30 and 30 official installation instructions of the Google services and app store, Google Play, replacing their proprietary counterparts, the way to do it is still there. First its existence was announced by the Indian insider Mukul Charm. He has published on his page in the Twitter photo Mate Pro 30 pre-installed with Google Play. Sharma did not specify exactly how he did it, but the fact remains — the Huawei Mate and Mate 30 30 Pro is compatible with Google Play.

How to install Google Play on Huawei

Install Google Play on Huawei Mate 30 Pro

By and large, install Google Play on a smartphone like Mate 30 which does not have a license, not so difficult as to establish its stable performance with services from the search giant. The fact that Google is able to detect vehicles that violate the terms of the license agreement, and locks the serviceto which access was obtained illegally. But even if the search giant will not do it, there is another, even more serious problem.

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Due to the fact that smart phones without Google Play, as a rule, operate on the basis of free version of the Android Open Source Project, they are deprived of such essential tools as the Google Mobile Services (GMS) and Google Cloud Messaging. These mechanisms are responsible for sending push notification services to location updates of other Google services and much more. Without them it is impossible stable work of most applications, is tied to GMS. Therefore, even if the user installs known programs from Google Play, they will not function as intended by the developer. For example, do not send notifications and to determine your location.

Similar problem at the time was the Xiaomi smartphones. Due to the lack of Google Mobile Services they might send notifications only as long as the application is stored in memory. But he had only to reboot the machine or unload the application from memory, as the notifications have stopped. Apparently, the devices Huawei will be the same and defeat it.

Gallery App or Google Play

Huawei understands this, and therefore did not even try to cheat Google. Instead, the company decided to use only their services and its app store. However, there are nuances. First, Huawei Mobile Services (similar to Google Mobile Services) is compatible only 45 thousand applications. And, second, a catalog App Gallery has half of the applications that are popular in Russia and other countries. Thus, no Instagram, no WhatsApp, no Facebook legally to put on Mate 30 will fail for many can be a serious reason not to buy a new product.

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