EXp 8000 employees are working on a virtual island from a computer game

Company eXp Realty helps its clients to buy and sell real estate. At the same time, the company only has a tiny office in Bellingham. It is needed only for the reason that according to the requirements of the company must be registered. The real work takes place on a virtual island. Employs 8000 employees eXp.

Business at eXp Realty are great. During the year the share price increased almost four times. The company’s market capitalization is more than 610 million dollars. Perhaps the secret of success eXp in an unusual approach to the organization of labor. All of their employees use the app for your computer and smartphone, which resembles more of a video game. Our colleagues from Business Insider visited the virtual campus of eXp, which occupies the whole island.

It all starts with creating a virtual character that will somehow remind you of the current employee. EXp in saying that many of their employees switch virtual clothes every day. After that the employee appears on a virtual island. In order to see it, you need to use a computer. The app only gives a sound, and is used for urgent talks.

On the island you can see huge buildings and a large number of areas for negotiation. Character movement is done via keyboard or mouse, exactly as in a computer game. When employees say, near their characters appears to make it clear who is speaking. In addition, employees can demonstrate his computer screen and presentations.

As mentioned above, in the virtual world huge number of different locations, as in buildings full of rooms. Move between them using the menu. It takes a few seconds and there is no need to spend time on Hiking around the island If you still want to walk to the staff a virtual boat that will allow you to ride. Public holidays in the virtual sky you can watch the fireworks.

Absolutely everyone in the company happy with your work on a virtual island. It gives the ease of communication. Employees can work regardless of the weather, traffic or other conditions. Additionally, there are the costs of office space for 8,000 employees. Finally, the company can hire talented workers from all over the world without any restrictions. Most of their employees leadership eXp’d never seen in real life.

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