Expectations for the use of the iPhone 5G for the fifth generation of Intel XMM 8160

توقعات لاستخدام آيفون 5G لمودم الجيل الخامس من شركة إنتل XMM 8160

Think next year is the starting point that will start them the services of the Fifth Army sneaking away to the sound of the full cooperation of the phone manufacturers and semiconductor knowledge by providing them with the fifth generation, in preparation to ascend the ladder of 5G, Intel announced the modem by XMM-8160 of the fifth generation, where it will be into the hands of the companies phones in the second half of 2019, to feel him place his career in the phones of 5G in 2020.

At the time that still many companies deal with Qualcomm to rich from the definition to support their future with the Snapdragon X50 5G, each of Huawei and Samsung modem, the for Apple has launched the last idea of the iPhone XS and XR with the Intel XMM 7560 has been reported that the Apple TV will remain stable cooperation with Intel to offer the iPhone to serve the Fifth Army with modem Intel XMM 8160 .

And Intel style to provide the smart phones with its fifth-generation to support computers and broadband also, where will the speed of transport in the XMM-8160 to 6 GB per second, will be all of the properties of the fifth-generation stand-alone and the other the Treaty on the LTE networks compatible with the standard materials of the new radio for the fifth, where he will continue to support 2G and 3G and 4G on the same chip.

The forecast for the use of the iPhone 5G for the fifth generation of Intel XMM 8160 appeared first on the tech world.

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