Expectations of rising shipments of Apple headset AirPods wireless to 60 million units in 2019

Confirmed the new report on rising shipments of Apple headset AirPods wireless through 2019, with the expectation of the arrival of shipments of Apple to 60 million units with the end of 2019.

Newspaper published a Bloomberg report about a new headset Apple wireless AirPods, showcasing its causes that will lead to the increase of shipments of Apple headset its wireless to 60 million units, double the shipments of Apple over the past year.

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I have confirmed the newspaper report of Bloomberg that the headset AirPods Pro new that came with noise cancellation one of the main causes of the rise in shipments of Apple headphones AirPods more than expected.

I came to hear of the AirPods Pro New priced at $ 249, with the advantage resistant to the water or sweating more efficiently, and noise cancellation, so she could hear the AirPods Pro achieve popularity spread faster among the users compared with the original version of headset AirPods, which was launched during 2016, and supported the Apple company to achieve needs $ 6.5 million with some other accessory.


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